The best movies and songs to learn and improve your Italian

italian movies
Italian movies and music are great tools for improving your Italian language skills. At the same tim you will immerse yourself in the Italian culture. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate speaker, you can use them. There is something for everyone in the vast world of Italian film and music. In this article we highlight some of the best ones: the Italian movies and songs that are perfect for language learners.

Italian Movies for Language Learners


1. “La Vita è Bella” (Life is Beautiful) is a heartwarming comedy-drama film. The story is about a father who uses his humor to protect his young son from the harsh reality of life in a Nazi concentration camp. The film is easy to follow and features a charming performance by Roberto Benigni.

2. “Il Postino” (The Postman) is a beautifully shot film. The story is about a simple postman who befriends the famous poet Pablo Neruda. It is set on two stunning Italian islands. The small island of Procida, in the bay of Naples, and the island of Salina, in Sicily, are such beautiful scenery. The film is slow-paced and easy to understand, making it a great option for language learners.
3. “L’Avventura” is a classic Italian film by Michelangelo Antonioni. It is known for its stunning cinematography and thought-provoking story. The film can be challenging for language learners. But the dialogue is slow and easy to follow, and the Italian used is authentic and culturally rich.
4. “La Grande Bellezza” (The Great Beauty) is a visually stunning film. The story is about a jaded writer who rediscovers the beauty of life in modern-day Rome. The film features a rich soundtrack and includes a lot of Italian dialogue. All this makes it a great option for intermediate to advanced language learners.

Italian Songs for Language Learners

Italian songs
1. “Volare” (Fly) by Domenico Modugno. It is a classic Italian song about the freedom of flight. This upbeat and catchy tune is a great way to practice listening and comprehension skills.
2. “Non ti scordar di me” (Don’t forget about me) by Luciano Pavarotti. It is a beautiful ballad. And it is sung by one of Italy’s most famous tenors. This song is a great way to practice Italian pronunciation and intonation.
3. “Il Cielo in una Stanza” (The sky in a room) by Gino Paoli. It is a simple and romantic song that is easy to understand and follow, this is a great option for beginners. Even the version sung by the singer Mina is beautiful. 
4. “Con te Partirò” (I will leave with you) by Andrea Bocelli. It is a beautiful love song. Bocelli is one of Italy’s most famous tenors. This song is a great way to practice listening and comprehension skills. You will also learn about Italian culture and romance.
Whether you prefer the drama of Italian films or the melodies of Italian songs, these resources will work. They are a great way to improve your Italian skills and immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture. So why not pop some popcorn, press play, and start your Italian language journey today! Learning Italian is fun.

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