Spanish intermediate course

in Cambridge

Spanish Intermediate Course

AUTUMN TERM starting 9th September – 14th December

(Half term 21st October – 27th October 2019)

FREE TASTER CLASSES: booking essential

Friday 6th September 1-2 False Beginners; 5-6 pm for Improvers/Intermediate/Advanced

– Saturday 7th September  2-3 False Beginners; 3-4pm for Improvers/Intermediate/Advanced.

MONDAY 7 – 9 PM Intermediate course (please note that there won’t be classes during bank holidays, we will make up the missed lessons on Friday at the same time)

Emphasis is on authentic TV and radio interviews as well as literary-cultural

texts. Students will be able to interact with native speakers with improved fluency and spontaneity. Suitable for students who have studied for two years.

The coursebook is Aula Internacional 3: Libro Del Alumno Stage 3: Student’s Book (Spanish) Textbook Binding – 20 Dec 2002

Intermediate Spanish class learning objectives:

You will study in a small group with a native Spanish teacher, how to:

  • describe your feelings, your interests
  • talk about future events, possibility and hypothesis
  • give and ask for advice; how to express pleasure, displeasure and preferences
  • topics relating to the cultural aspects of Hispanic society, traditions, music, films
  • report something said by others (reported speech 1)
  • news in slow Spanish

Outcome of the course:

Upon completion, students will be able to communicate spontaneously and accurately with increasing complexity. They will understand the gist of complex texts about diverse topics, as well as put forward an argument, stating the pros and cons of the different options.

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Test your Spanish

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On Wednesdays from 22nd May onwards for six weeks, 6.00-7.30 pm at La Dante

Join our first Spanish Short Stories club and learn about the fascinating stories from Spanish and South American literature in the native language. Our native speaker teacher Nerea will be happy to discuss your ideas about the topics (literature, culture and more). Level of Spanish advised: Intermediate. Book it here! Check the dates here 
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