Spanish Children Courses

12-week SUMMER TERM: 27th Apr – 20th July 2019

(Half term break 27th May – 31th May) 

13-week AUTUMN TERM: 21st Sep – 14th Sep 2019

(Half term break 21st  – 27th October)

Beginners Spanish for children 5-11 years old

Saturday 10.15 -11.15 am

Our Spanish beginners courses are ideal for young children starting to learn the language for the first time.
They will be learning through role-play, playing with make believe toys, singing songs as well as learning how to introduce themselves, day to day actions: from getting washed to shopping. The objective is for them to learn through play and improve over time.

Bilingual Spanish for children
Saturday 11.15-12.15 noon

What children learn at La Dante with a Spanish teacher
Our Spanish Bilingual Group is ideal for bilingual young Spanish learners who have a good understanding and confidence in speaking the language.
They study fairy tales by international children writers like Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm Brothers. Our Spanish teachers will also cover popular facts about Spanish history, elements of geography, local traditions. Children will learn rhymes and do little research projects together. That will definitely consolidate their spoken and written Spanish language.

Find out more and please come along for a taster class.