Spanish advanced course

in Cambridge

Spanish Advanced Course

AUTUMN TERM dates: 10th Sept – 8th Dec 2018

(Half term break 22nd Oct – 26th Oct) 

SPRING TERM dates:  7th January – 12th April 2019

(Half term 18th-22nd Feb – Easter holiday 13th – 22nd April)

Advanced course on: Wednesday 6-7 pm

The use of authentic, literary texts as well as the media will reinforce and maintain your fluency in Spanish. Stress is placed on the use of sophisticated grammatical structures indispensable to the art of translation and interpretation. Cultural topics about Hispanic society, language and culture will highlight your sessions. Ideal for students who have studied for more then two years and are fluent in Spanish.

Advanced Spanish class learning objectives:

You will study in a small group with a native Spanish teacher focussing on:

  • oracciones comparativas y modales
  • estilo indirecto
  • formas impersonales del verbo
  • perífrasis verbales
  • voz pasiva
  • News, tv programmes, cultural aspects, art, traditions, current affairs

Outcome of the course:

Students can express themselves fluently and use the language flexibly for social, academic, and professional purposes. They produce clear, well-structured, detailed texts with topics having a certain level of complexity. Above all enjoy being together with others sharing the same passion for Spanish language and culture.

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Test your Spanish

podcast material that will be used

Radio programme 1: English borrowings in Spanish
A talk about the words which Spanish has borrowed from English with Eduardo de Benito.
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Radio programme 2: Spanish in the world
A short talk by Eduardo de Benito resuming the origins of Spanish, the adoption of words from Latin America and the influence of literature and the media on the Spanish language. He ends by looking to the future of Spanish.
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Music and dance: Flamenco
Documentary on Flamenco: its origins, various people’s definitions, its connection with the Romany and oral traditions.
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Musical mixture
A description of the numerous influences on flamenco music.
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A flamenco club
Description of a flamenco club: both a place to meet and enjoy flamenco and an association which organises concerts, dance classes etc.
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Social and political aspects of flamenco
An exploration of social, political and economic aspects of flamenco. Whereas artists used to have a lowly status, that’s now changed. They no longer have to jump for the person who “pays the piper”.
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New flamenco
New directions in flamenco: practioners talk about how it has assimilated elements from other cultures, from pop music and other musical styles. Includes the performance of a song which talks about world events, how the place of Romany is different now.
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Cuba: Cuban music and dance
Rodolfo Fournier, a Cuban dance teacher in London, describes the central role of music and dance in Cuban life.
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Cuba: Mixed roots
A description of the roots of both Cuban people and culture: a mixture of Spanish and African.
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Cuba: Religious dance
This video shows a dance whose origins are in the Yoruba religion, known as Santeria in Cuba. The symbolism of the various characters in the dance is explained.
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Cuba: With rhythm in the body
Rodolfo says that rhythm is all-important in Cuban dance. Different parts of the body have to move independently of others! He also discusses mambo and the ever-changing nature of Cuban music and dance.
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Cuba: Salsa
A description of the Salsa, the origins of its name, how its a fusion of “son”, cha cha, mambo and other dances. Cuban dancers are constantly creating new styles, which are taken up around the world.
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Planning a Mural
A group of Argentinian artists plan the painting of a mural.
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Creating a Mural
Argentinian artists Cristina Terzaghi and Edgar de Santo lead the painting of a mural in La Boca.
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Artists in search of inspiration
Argentinian artists Cristina Terzaghi and Mariana Siedlarek talk about the creative process in their work.
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