Radio Dante Cambridge

Radio Dante Cambridge

Cambridge’s first trilingual radio programme in Italian, Spanish, and English embraces everything about the cultures of these three beautiful languages, including music, food, cinema, education, history, travel, interviews, and a lot more. Cambridge’s first radio programme in Italian was launched on March 3rd 2012!

Giulia Portuese-Williams

Radio Dante broadcasts every fortnight with half an hour in English and half an hour in Italian or Spanish. You can find our podcasts below and on Cambridge 105.

Radio Dante has a digital collaboration with Radio México Internacionala Mexican government-run radio service based in Mexico City. It broadcast as a shortwave radio station from 1969 to 2004 and was relaunched as an Internet-only radio service in 2011. Since 1983 it has been under the control of the Instituto Mexicano de la Radio (IMER). It covers Spanish programmes on history, culture, and traditions as well as music from classic Mexican songs to fusion.


Radio Dante Viaggi – 10. Dante in Musica e i 700 anni del Sommo Poeta 

Questo episodio, a cura di Gilda Notarbartolo, è dedicato alle celebrazioni in onore di Dante Alighieri per il 700° anniversario dalla morte. Radio Dante ospita il duo pianistico Luporini – Pieruccioni che nell’ occasione presenta il progetto – DANTE IN MUSICA “L’universo dantesco incontra Franz Liszt”.

Interviste: Luca Pieruccioni e Orietta Luporini
Musica:  Dante – Symphonie di  Franz Liszt Podcast here.

Radio Dante Viaggi – 9. Concetta Celotto, poesia in musica

In questo episodio, a cura di  Gilda Notarbartolo, Radio Dante ospita due artisti napoletani.
Concetta Celotto,
scrittrice  e autrice, interpreta alcune poesie “La donna che versava lacrime” e  “La mia casa” – Musiche composte da Vito Ranucci.  Podcast here.

Radio Dante Viaggi – 8. Silvio Talamo, voce, beat e poesia

In questo episodio, ospite di Radio Dante, Silvio Talamo, musicista, poeta e performer napoletano trapiantato a Berlino. Gilda Notarbartolo ci racconta dell’ artista che in questa puntata interpreta due sue poesie inedite: “Il cielo stamattina” e “L’ombra”.

A cura di Gilda Notarbartolo –  Podcast here.

Radio Dante Viaggi – 7. I benefici dell’ olio d’ oliva, Intervista a Luciano Presti

Intervista a Luciano Presti dell’Oleificio Gulino a Chiaramonte Gulfi (Sicilia) sui benefici dell’olio di oliva e come riconoscere un buon olio extra vergine di qualità.
L’olio di oliva Gulino ha ricevuto 138 premi nel corso di 6 generazioni.

A cura di Giulia Portuese –  Podcast here.

Radio Dante Viaggi – 6. Intervista all’archeologa siciliana Amalia Criscione 

Intervista all’archeologa siciliana Amalia Criscione sul suo lavoro e sui mosaici diella citta`d’arte siciliana Piazza Armerina.  La dottoressa Criscione ci parla anche delle curiosità legate ai primi bikini con cui sono raffigurate le donne in epoca romana.

A cura di Giulia Portuese –  Podcast here.

Radio Dante Viaggi – 5. Intervista a Mario Glauso per la mostra Ärtifizie”, Noto (Sicilia)

Questo episodio e`dedicato  alla mostra “Artifiziu” di Mario Glauso e Nicola Zappalà allestita fino al 27 ottobre 2020 nella  Chiesa di Santa Caterina a Noto, in Sicilia.

Condotto da Giulia Portuese . Intervista a Mario Glauso Podcast here.

Radio Dante Viaggi – 4. La raccolta delle olive in Sicilia

Questo episodio, in italiano e inglese, racconta della raccolta delle olive in Sicilia. 
Terra ricca di colori e sapori, la Sicilia, vanta una lunga storia legata alla raccolta manuale delle olive. Il periodo di raccolta delle olive può variare, ma di solito qui il periodo più favorevole è proprio l’inizio del mese di ottobre. Podcast here.

Presenter: Giulia Portuese

Radio Dante Viaggi – 3. Calici di Stelle a Donnafugata, Contessa Entellina V (Ita – Eng) 

Questo episodio, in italiano e inglese, racconta di Calici di Stelle, l’ evento per appassionati e amanti del vino che si ripete da oltre vent’anni  in una delle cantine più prestigiose e affascinanti della Sicilia, Donnafugata. Podcast here.

Presenter: Laura Stern

Radio Dante Racconta – 1. Racconti brevi per ragazzi (Ita – Eng)

Today’s episode is dedicated to the theme of the short stories. We will talk about its origins and characteristics and will have Cristina Nenna, a writer of books addressed to young people, talking about the importance of preserving this literary genre especially among children.

Presented by Laura Stern
Interview with Cristina Nenna

Podcast here.

Radio Dante Viaggi – 1. La festa di Santa Rosalia a Palermo (Ita – Eng)

Today we will talk about the fest of Sant Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo. We will talk about its origins and celebrations. Podcast here.

Events organisers and coronavirus

1st July 2020      SPA/ENG

Organising events requires three basic things: contacts, a financial mattress, and pump-proof slaughter capacity.  Although the pandemic has radically changed this world, big companies expect everything to be what it was. Radio Dante has had the pleasure of speaking for this show with Javier García, account coordinator of the Tourism Department in Globally, and Estefanía García de la Torre, who has been part of Fever for years, the social platform of plans and events that is expanding at an incredible speed, and now currently marketing technician ABC daily. Enjoy it! Presented by Belén Parras Orejón. Interviews with Javier García, account coordinator of the Tourism Department in Globally, and Estefanía García de la TorrePodcast here

The Benefits of Online Learning and Tips for Working Smarter

21st June 2020      ITA/ENG

In this episode in Italian and English, Gilda Notarbartolo talks about the benefits of online learning with Giulia Portuese Williams, Director of the European Cultural Centre La Dante in Cambridge who, last March, moved the live classes to online to manage the situation caused by the pandemic. The show offers very interesting tips and suggestions to study languages online, and also features the interviews with two Italian teachers, Ludovica Frezza and Emilia Marra, who tell us about their online tuition.

Presented by Gilda Notarbartolo
Interviews with Giulia Portuese Williams, Ludovica Frezza, Emilia Marra – Podcast here

The link between England and the Italian city of Vercelli

14th February  2020      ITA/ENG

In this episode Gilda and Ludovica talked about the connection between England and the Italian city of Vercelli, and about books and music. They read some love poems by Alda Merini, Pablo Neruda, and William Butler Yeats. The show hosts the Italian Professor Gianna Baucero, Master Fabius Constable and the Italian writer Vittorio Schiraldi.

Interviews with Gianna Baucero, Fabius Constable, Vittorio Schiraldi

Presented by Ludovica Frezza and Gilda Notarbartolo Podcast here.

Christmas in literature

13th December  2019      ITA/ENG

In this episode Gilda and Gabriele talked about Christmas in literature. They will read some poems by Gianni Rodari and Charles Dickens and will host two Italian artists: the writer Gabriele Peritore and the painter Francesco Connola.

Presented by Gabriele Brusa and Gilda Notarbartolo Podcast here.

Leonardo Da Vinci, 500 years after his death

27th March 2019      ITA/ENG

This episode is about the myth of Leonardo da Vinci, as this year marks the quincentennial of the Italian Renaissance master and genius’s death. What we truly know about this man of mystery? Gilda & Daniele talked about his life and some of his masterpieces such as the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper”.
Special guest of the show, the Italian clarinetist and composer, Luca Luciano.

Presented by Daniele Fraulini and Gilda Notarbartolo Podcast here.

Video Interview with Luca Luciano here

Body language

20th March 2019      SPA/ENG

In this show in Spanish our correspondent from Madrid Belén Parras Orejón talks about body language. Listen and learn how to read and understand the nonverbal signals that we use to communicate.

Presented by Belen Parras. Podcast here. Transcript here

Spanish music at the Eurovision Festival

February 20th February, 2019      SPA/ENG

Spain is on air! Listen to our correspondent from Madrid Belén Parras Orejónn talking on Cambridge 105 Radio about the Eurovision festival! Who are the best Spanish artists having performed at the most famous pop music contest in Europe? Find it all about

Presented by Belen Parras. Podcast here.

Venice and Tintoretto

February 14th February, 2019      ITA/ENG

In this week’s episode, in Italian and English, Gilda, Felicea, and Daniele talked about Saint Valentine, Venice, the city of love, and Tintoretto, one of the greatest painters in the Venetian Mannerism. Listeners will find many interesting curiosities and tips and will have the chance to listen to the best songs from the Italian Festival di Sanremo.

Presented by Gilda Notarbartolo, Daniele Fraulini and Felicea Gattagrisa. Podcast here.

High Heels

October 31st, 2018      ITA/ENG

In this week’s episode, Gilda and Margherita talked about Italian designers and their contributions to the world of fashion. The listeners will discover many interesting curiosities and stories. It features an excerpt from a significant interview by Enzo Biagi with the designer Giorgio Armani in 1982.

Presented by Gilda Notarbartolo and Margherita Perco. Podcast here. Transcript here.

Halloween and Dylan Dog

October 12th, 2018      ITA/ENG

In this week’s episode, Margherita and Vittoria will talk about Halloween’s origins traditions and famous Italian comic books such as Dylan Dog.

Presented by Margherita Perco and Vittoria Caroli. Podcast here. Transcript here.

Sports in Spain

August 2nd, 2018    SPA/ENG

Today’s program is about another side of Spanish culture: we talk about sports, specifically the most popular sports in Spain, the most important athletes and their achievements in the last few years. Enjoy!

Presented by Cristina Navarrete and Pablo Gomis Podcast here

Summer Festivals

July 12th, 2018    ITA/ENG

In this week’s show, we talk about cool Summer festivals in Italy and in the UK. It features an interview with Patrizia Passerini, author of the book “Andare per viti e vitigni“, and the presentation of the book “Coming to love Florence” by Sue Davies. Presented by Marcella Franzini, Gilda Notarbartolo, and Margherita Perco  Podcast here

Spanish Books

July 10th, 2018   SPA/ENG

This week’s show is about books we recommend to learn Spanish, and  that are good for both children and adults. Presented by Cristina Navarrete and Pablo Gomis  Podcast here

Premio Elsa Morante – Italian Books

June 7th, 2018    ITA/ENG

This week’s show is about the Italian literary award Premio Elsa Morante and Italian books recommendations. The featured interviews of Paola Cortellesi, Paolo Calabresi, Catena Fiorello, Tjuna Notarbartolo and Dacia Maraini have been realised by Emma di Lorenzo from Radio Siani. Special Guest: Helen Taylor.  Presented by Marcella Franzini, Gilda Notarbartolo, and Margherita Perco  Podcast here

Alicante vs Malaga

May 24th, 2018    SPA/ENG

This week’s show is about the Spanish cities Alicante and Malaga, the hometowns of la Dante new Spanish team members, Pablo and Cristina.  Presented by Pablo Gomis and Cristina Navarrete  Podcast here

Ermanno Olmi

May 10th, 2018    ITA/ENG

This week’s show is about the Italian neorealist director Ermanno Olmi recently passed away at age 86. His 1978 film “The Tree of Wooden Clogs” won the Palme d’Or in Cannes.  Presented by Gilda Notarbartolo and Margherita Perco  Podcast here


March 15th, 2018    ITA/ENG

This week’s show is about Easter in both Italy and the UK, from the typical food to the different traditions. Presented by Marika Genovese, Gilda Notarbartolo, and Veronica Rosati. Podcast here

Princess Charlotte’s Lullaby

February 22nd, 2018    ITA/ENG

This week’s show is about the Italian Maestro Fabius Constable and the Celtic Harp Orchestra. In occasion of La Dante in Cambridge 10th anniversary, Radio Dante broadcasts the lullaby composed for the Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. There are some guests being interviewed: Maestro Fabius Constable, Director of the Celtic Harp Orchestra; Dott.ssa Giulia Portuese-Williams, founder and Director of the European Cultural Centre La Dante in Cambridge.  Presented by Gilda Notarbartolo and Marika Genovese  Podcast here

PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying

February 8th, 2018   SPA/ENG

Jose and Marika talk about the artists and pieces of art for the exhibition PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying. They also discuss the 10th anniversary of La Dante in Cambridge with Director and Founder Guilia Portuese-Williams.  Special guests: the Italian and South American artists Barbara Stefani, Guillermo Giampietro and Radio Fragola Gorizia, Susi Gutierrez. And also Guilia Portuese-Williams.  Presented by  Jose Colomer and Marika Genovese  Podcast here

La Dante’s 10th Anniversary

January 18th, 2018    ITA/ENG

In this episode we talk about art and the upcoming exhibition in Cambridge, PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying. We also explain how to join La Dante in Cambridge’s 10th anniversary, on occasion of the opera concert “L’Elisir D’Amore” by Donizetti.  Special guests: the Italian artists Carlo Andreasi, Adriana Torregrossa, and Elisa Vladilo.  Presented by  Gilda Notarbartolo,  Jose Colomer, and Marika Genovese  Podcast here

‘I am studying Italian at beginners level and have been listening to the show/podcast online. The show is a great resource to anyonestarting out in the Italian language and I find content both informative and enjoyable. Keep up the good work and keep the shows coming, I look  forward to hearing more in the future. Saluti’

Chris LewisBelfast, N.Ireland

‘I was also able to tune in to the new radio station: Radio Dante Cambridge, and that was a wonderful experience – made me nostalgic for all things Italian. Yours is such a rich cultural experience at La Dante…I am looking forward to having more Italian cultural experiences here at La Dante in Cambridge.’

Uzo Ihonor

‘I listened to the programme and I have to say that it is really interesting and makes me desire to come to England.  You have more ‘Italian activities’ there than here in Italy, my compliments to all the people that organize all these beautiful things for the Italian community. The radio programme is a mixture of utility, culture and relax with good music.’

Nicola BoccacciniFotografia