Language Services

Translations, interpreting, voice-over and other services

Accuracy, competence and efficiency

Translations from and into Italian

Our professional translators are selected for their qualifications, language skills and experience.
We offer a range of translation services covering: scientific, technical, non-technical and legal.

Interpreting services

We offer high quality simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, telephone or face-to-face interpreting services.

Commercial translations

Covering a wide field of life sciences, technical and non-technical subject areas, La Dante can provide the best language solutions for your company.

Copy-editing and proofreading

Our copy-editors are trained to screen a text for style, grammar, consistency and accuracy as well as check the presentation of a text in its final layout.


La Dante can arrange voice-over native speakers of Italian to attend a recording studio of your choice.

Audio transcriptions

If you are a publisher with course books, tapes or CD-ROMs to translate, we offer a high quality service.