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La Dajnte in Cambridge Award

La Dante in Cambridge, European Cultural Centre, has been recognised as “Best Online & In-Person Language Educator 2023 . Cambridgeshire”.”Each year we look to celebrate those enterprises who consistently provide the best services and products for their clients, allowing them to stand out within their representative fields. – the Award organisers comment – The SME Business Elite Awardees for 2023 have been handpicked by SME News Magazine based purely on comprehensive research and analysis conducted by the wider group. This proven approach ensures that we award on merit, not popularity and recognise the very best in business. We award those SME’s that are succeeding in their endeavours, innovating, growing, and improving”.

The prize, to be awarded at the annual SME Business Elite Awards for 2023, represents the third acknowledgement after their two nominations in 2022 for the “Business Chameleon” and “Lockdown Leader”. In fact, it is with great pride that the cultural institute directed by Dr. Giulia Portuese, bestowed the Honour of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy in 2021 by President Mattarella, celebrates this news which once again confirms the high quality of service offered every day by the dedicated and qualified teams at La Dante. For over 15 years, Cambridge’s European Centre has been offering courses in Italian, Spanish, and English language and culture which, having originally taken place in the famous university city, are now also held online and available to students around the globe. What sets them apart is their ever-growing team ranging from the Italian, Spanish, and English native teachers, all the way to the Marketing and Administration unit, coordinated by Marketing Manager Gilda Notarbartolo, all of whom show the utmost dedication to their work.

Giulia Portuese

Giulia Portuese, Director La Dante in Cambridge

Gilda Notarbartolo, Marketing Manager La Dante in Cambridge

Dott.ssa Gilda Notarbartolo, Marketing Manager La Dante in Cambridge

“At La Dante in Cambridge, what distinguishes us is undoubtedly the strong passion we have for the dissemination of languages and culture, our work, and the respect that each member of La Dante reserves for those who share this interest by joining our family. This allows us to offer the best possible educational path to students of all ages and nationalities` – explains Giulia Portuese – Once again, I can say that efforts pay off and our multicultural family continues to grow more and more every day in the best way.”

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