Intensive Italian courses

Intensive week
  • 28 May (27 May Bank Holiday) to 31 May 2024
  • 29th July – 2nd August 202
Level & Timetable

(For Adults) from Monday to Friday:

  • Beginners A1/A2 5.15 pm – 7.15 pm
  •  Improvers/Intermediate 4pm-5pm 


Learn Italian online with our native qualified teachers. Our courses are exactly what you need if you are planning to travel to Italy and you finally want to be able to ask for directions, order your favourite ravioli or spaghetti alla marinara, go shopping for fancy Italian shoes and enjoy an aperitivo al fresco in the main piazza.

Children Intensive Courses

They will be learning through role-play, playing with make-believe toys, singing songs as well as learning how to introduce themselves, day to day actions: from getting washed to shopping. The objective is for them to learn through play and improve over time.

Beginners Intensive Courses

Our one-week Italian intensive course is the fastest way to learn how to speak Italian properly starting from completely new beginner. As a beginner student by the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Introduce yourself;
  • Talk about your interests;
  • Express what you like and dislike;
  • Ask for directions;
  • Use practical expressions when travelling to Italy: order at a restaurant, ask for the bill, ask for directions, etc;
  • Go to the restaurant, at the station, at the airport, find your favourite aperitif place in town, and a lot more.

Improvers Intensive Courses

As an Improver student, you will learn words and expression related to:

  • Shopping (asking for the price, for a specific item, size, trying something on, etc., and other useful questions/sentences when you go shopping);
  • Hotels and reservation (useful questions/sentences when you go to a hotel, formal vs. informal way);
  • Ask for directions and time;
  • Gender for nouns and adjectives in Italian;
  • Present tense + speaking about daily routines.

Intermediate Intensive Courses

As an Intermediate student you will learn how to:

  • Talk about your experiences (past tenses);
  • Express your opinion, your doubts and your concerns (subjunctive);
  • Make wishes and talk about your future projects or regrets (hypothetical clauses);
  • Use the proper language for travelling, work, and phone conversations;
  • Read and tell short stories and share your opinion about Italian books, films or facts.

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What the people say about our Intensive courses

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and thought all aspects were excellent – teaching, resources, pace, atmosphere.‘

Denise Roberts

‘Excellent cultural events.‘

Charlotte AverySt Mary’s

‘An organized approach to learning Italian, excellent teachers, and the ability to go to activities in Italian or about Italy.’

Karen Gunner