Italian for Children & Teenagers

Italian for Children & Teenagers

Terms Calendar

SUMMER TERM 2022 (12-week course) 

30th April 2022 – 24th July 2022

( Half-term 30th May – 4th June 2021)

Autumn term 2022

Autumn term 2022

24th  September 2022 until 17th December 2022

( Half-term 24th October – 28th Oct 2022) 


12th January 2023  – April 2023

(Easter holiday 15th April – 24th April 2022 )

Face-to-Face Classes


We run face-to-face classes at the Wesley Methodist Church, Christ Pieces, Cambridge CB1 1LG, United Kingdom

and at the Box Cafe, 47 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LD

Young Italian Learners (Children courses)

Italian courses for children on Saturdays at the Wesley Methodist Church in Cambridge (Christ Pieces, Cambridge CB1 1LG) , and on Wednesdays at the Box Cafe (47 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LD)

Summer term 2022 Sat 30th April 2022– 23rd July 2022 ( Half-term 30th May– 5th June 2022) Autumn term 2022 17th  Sep 2022 – 10th Dec 2022 ( Half-term 24th October – 28th Oct 2022) –  Spring term 2023  January 2022 –  April 2023

Children False beginners (7-10 years old): Saturday 3.30 pm – 4:30 pm – at the Wesley Methodist Church in Cambridge
Children beginners (5-6 years old): Saturday 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm at the Wesley Methodist Church in Cambridge
Children beginners: Wednesday 4:40 pm – 5:40 pm at the Box Cafe (47 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LD) – From Wed 12th Jan until Wed 6th April 2022.

Contact us: – Tel/WhatsApp +44  7887 606227

Isn’t it wonderful to learn new languages? At La Dante learning Italian is fun!

Children’s classes – BEGINNER LEVEL
Ideal for young children starting to learn the language for the first time. The children will be learning through role-playing, visiting museums with the teacher, active learning through gardening projects, cooking sessions, songs as well as learning how to introduce themselves, day to day actions: from getting washed to shopping. We use a unique Mary Poppins bag method which has been developed by the director at La Dante.

Teaching method:

  • Combination of lessons based on the communicative approach with active learning (group work, role plays, etc.) and practice exercises to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills;
  • Small class sizes which facilitate learners’ progress;
  • Native teacher.

With songs, language games and creative activities, Italian language becomes engaging and interesting. Our teachers get the children involved in activities such as role play, snippets of videos, rhymes, board games, books and cartoons. Children have a natural flair for picking up the accent naturally, a lot more easily than adults.

Our Italian lessons for young learners include:

  • Games like hangman, hide and seek, snakes & ladders, dominos, role play.
  • Songs like Volevo un gatto nero and Ci vuole un fiore.
Teenager GCSE Italian courses

GCSE Italian classes for high achievers

10-week Course

On Wednesdays (4.30-6 pm) – Starting on the 15th September 2021

Our Italian native teachers will help you with GCSE exam preparation (AQA and Edexcel). They cover all aspects of the course including written, spoken, grammar and help with pronunciation and exam techniques.

Lessons at La Dante are tailored to our students’ needs and we will help you develop all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), and express yourself in the Italian language clearly and effectively.

Using past papers and interesting audiovisual resources we will help increase knowledge and skills and boost your confidence for your exams.

DBS checked & Public liability insurance.

Please, find out more about everything you need to prepare for GCSE Italian from 2021 here

‘We just received the exam results for Elea’s GCSE Italian and she got A*. Congratulations to the Italian teachers at La Dante who helpedachieving this excellent result.‘ Massimiliano Polli
(Elea is a trilingual teenager whose Italian is her third language)


Our library is open Monday to Friday from 10am-5pm! So why not drop in and borrow a book, DVD or cartoon, so you can carry on learning and absorbing Italian at home.

Pinocchio Bilingual groups

Pinocchio Bilingual Group

Pinocchio at La Dante

12-week Course

On Saturdays, 10-11 noon 

Autumn term 2021 18th  September 2021 until 11th December 2020 (Half term 25th Oct – 31st Oct 2021) – Spring term 2022 15th Jan 2021 – 9th Apr 2021 ( Half-term  14 February –  20th February – Easter holiday 15th April – 24th April 2022) – Summer term 2022, 25th April 2022 – 24th July 2022 (Half-term 30th May – 4th June 2021)

Our Italian Bilingual Group is a unique initiative in Cambridge. It is suitable for bilingual young Italian learners who have a good understanding and confidence in speaking the language.

About the course:

Classes will be taught exclusively in Italian. It will mainly focus on Italian Language, History, Arts, and Geography.

  • Learn and consolidate advanced grammar knowledge;
  • Cover Italian primary schools’ programme
  • Improve knowledge of Italian culture;
  • Make Italian friends!

During the course, we will study fairy tales by Collodi and  Rodari, we will cover key facts of Italian history, elements of geography, local traditions. Children will learn rhymes and do little research projects together. They will definitely consolidate their Italian speaking skills.

Free taster class: Saturday 18th January 2020

Teaching method:

  • Combination of lessons based on the communicative approach with active learning (group work, role plays, etc.) and practice exercises to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills;
  • Small class sizes which facilitate learners’ progress;
  • Native teacher;
  • Pre- and post-course tests to evaluate students’ improvement.

What parents think

Could I have the text for your songs please, my son sings along in Italian on his way home

A. Taylor

When we were in Italy Annabella talked a lot in Italian and it was a pleasure to listen to

B. Swan

I love seeing my daughter starting to learn songs and numbers in Italian. All children like sticking and making things

A. Catalano

Excellent teaching that suited really well to the needs of children. The teacher had an excellent way of interacting with our children. Themes chosen were interesting and fun. The teacher has always valued the participation of each student. The atmosphere was lively and joyful.

Dr Maurizia Iezzi

My son D. and his friend B. were the only two in their class this Term, and that was really a bonus for them as Federica is a wonderfully engaged teacher who has picks up really well on what the boys in her class are and aren’t understanding. So two main things: a fantastic teacher (thank you, Federica!) and the class size.


Thanks for the term’s report. My daughter has enjoyed the course thouroughly and even though we do not speak Italian as a regular language at home, she has developed increased interest for Italian computer games and shows, and even started to create her own sentences. Thanks so much to Federica and Luana, both excellent and highly skilled teachers.



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