Young Italian Learners

in Cambridge

Young Italian Learners

Isn’t it wonderful to learn new languages? At La Dante learning Italian is fun!


AUTUMN TERM 2018: 22nd September to 1st December (10 weeks – Half term 22nd- 28th October) 

Saturdays 2-3pm
Saturday 11,30am-12,30

SPRING TERM 2019: 2nd February to 13th April (10 weeks – Half term 11th-16th Feb – Easter break 19th April -28th April)
Saturdays 2-3pm
Saturday 11,30am-12,30

SUMMER TERM 2019: 4th May to 13th July (10 weeks – Half term 27th May – 2nd June) 

Saturdays 2-3pm
Saturday 11,30am-12,30

Children’s classes (AGE 5‑10) – BEGINNER LEVEL
Ideal for young children starting to learn the language for the first time.
The children will be learning through role-play, visiting museums with the teacher, active learning through gardening projects, cooking sessions, songs as well as learning how to introduce themselves, day to day actions: from getting washed to shopping.
We use a unique Mary Poppins bag method which has been developed by the director at La Dante.

With songs, language games and creative activities, Italian language becomes engaging and interesting. Our teachers get the children involved in activities such as role play, snippets of videos, rhymes, board games, books and cartoons. Children have a natural flair for picking up the accent naturally, a lot more easily than adults.

Our Italian lessons for young learners include:

  • Games like hangman, hide and seek, snakes & ladders, dominos, role play.
  • Songs like Volevo un gatto nero and Ci vuole un fiore.

What parents think

Could I have the text for your songs please, my son sings along in Italian on his way home

A. Taylor

When we were in Italy Annabella talked a lot in Italian and it was a pleasure to listen to

B. Swan

I love seeing my daughter starting to learn songs and numbers in Italian. All children like sticking and making things

A. Catalano

Excellent teaching that suited really well to the needs of children. The teacher had an excellent way of interacting with our children. Themes chosen were interesting and fun. The teacher has always valued the participation of each student. The atmosphere was lively and joyful.

Dr Maurizia Iezzi