La Dante Italian Online

La Dante Italian Online

Who is this course for?
The Italian Online programme is open to everybody. It is particularly suited to anyone who needs flexibility in how and when they study, or who lives outside Cambridge.

Why choose this blended learning course?

The course is designed to give you enhanced language skills, whether for personal, travel or professional purposes. By the end of the course, you will have improved your written and oral communication, and received a recognised Dante Alighieri Society certificate in the Italian language. Unlike many distance learning programmes designed for individual and totally independent learning, the Italian Online course is based on a collaborative, communicative approach where students are encouraged to participate in virtual class activities with their E-Tutor.

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Why should you study Online at La Dante?

Course overview and blended learning

Individual Skype Lessons 

Italian Online is a ground-breaking experience which employs the latest skills in e-learning. It will enable you to study a language in your own time, wherever you are, with a qualified Italian teacher.

  1. Lessons with a highly experienced native teacher of La Dante
  2. A placement test to determine the right course level and your personal objectives
  3. 10 hours-package with your La Dante-Tutor
  4. 11 hours of your own study time required each package
  5. One/Two hours per week

Four levels for Italian Online:

using Al Dente 1   (by Casa delle Lingue Edizioni) or Nuovo Espresso 1 (Alma Edizioni) for the beginner level, and Nuovo Espresso, 2, 3, 4 , or 5 (Alma Edizioni)  for the other levels. 

Beginners for those who are starting to learn Italian for the first time. False-Beginners for those students who have studied for at least three months. Improvers for those who have already studied for at least three months. Improvers 2 for those who have already studied for at least one year. Intermediate for those who already have studied for about a year and a half or have B1+ level. Upper-Intermediate for those who have studied for more than a year and a half or have B1+ level. Advanced for those who are fluent in Italian.

All courses concentrate on the four main language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and use carefully selected, authentic material to introduce or consolidate the structures and functions of the language. Tutors will also introduce Italian culture, authentic videos, and listening material to stimulate discussions.

We use Skype.

Beginners course, A1

At the end of the course, you will be confident to order a cappuccino and choose a pizza in the best Italian bars and restaurants. You will be able to talk about your free time and your busy life. You will understand advertisements, short texts and basic conversations. And with your Italian pronunciation skills, you will be ready to get in touch with Italians!

Beginners programme page.

False – Beginners course

For students who have studied for at least three months.

False-Beginners programme page

Improvers Italian, A2

This course will give you confidence to talk about your daily life, describe people you know and well-known personalities. You will learn how to give advice (using the imperative) and express wishes (using the conditional) on a range of topics. You will be a master in arranging your timetable in Italy and you will be able to invite your Italian friends out for a day trip or for dinner, and talk for hours about your experiences (using past tenses) and your future plans (the future tense and conditional). You will be ready to go on a journey across Italy using Italian to ask for information or write your travel journal.

Improvers programme page

Improvers 2

For students who have studied for at least 1 year. You will be confident talking about your daily life, describing people you know and famous personalities. You will learn how to give advice (imperative with pronouns) and make wishes (conditional) about shopping, food, holiday and more.

Improvers 2 programme page

Intermediate course, B1

You will be confident talking about past events (using all the past tenses), future predictions and dreams (conditional clauses), and you will be able to have more wide-ranging conversations. You will learn how to use reported speech, the subjunctive in all its nuances, and other less common grammatical structures. You will learn more about Italian society and business, and feel more confident using Italian when travelling or for work. You will also start writing interesting articles and entertaining short stories. And once you pick up some more idiomatic expressions, you will finally feel Italian!

Intermediate programme page

Intermediate and Upper Intermediate B1-B2

For students who have studied for at least 18 months, can use the past tense and talk about general topics with a certain degree of confidence.

Intermediate course Programme

Upper-Intermediate Programme

Conversation for advanced level C1

This is your chance to become fluent in Italian! Join our inspiring conversation sessions and achieve a higher level in Italian while sharing your opinions and views about Italian cinema, books, traditions, politics and major events in Italy. You will pick up good grammar usage and learn many idiomatic expressions and phrases while working on authentic videos and articles in a wide range of topics. All of which means that when you next head to Italy, you will definitely feel at home.

Advanced programme page

Italian e-learning community – join our blog (to be initiated)

Italian Online where you can sample some course materials and experience what it is like to learn in an online environment: (one created on for La Dante Online Portal)

Entry requirements

Ideal for all students and ages with an interest in learning online. Students under the age of 16 need parental permission.

Awards: La Dante Online Learning Certificate

Meet our Italian teachers

The teachers and E-Ttutor (including native speakers) will guide you through this interactive and participative programme, which is focused on collaborative learning and designed to give you confidence and encouragement all the way through the course. Lecture packages will be delivered weekly online and will include comprehension tasks, individual and group work, conversation and intercultural topics.

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