Online Long term courses

Our long term courses all have small class sizes, and focus on developing Italian language skills and cultural knowledge. We work from the best Italian textbooks and learning tools (such as our new interactive whiteboard), as our emphasis is on developing strong conversational skills and confidence with the language.

*Due to the current situation our courses will be switched online from the 20th of March until further notice

Summer term: 27th April – 24th April 2020

12 weeks  –   Enjoy learning from home and book your place wiht us!

(Half term 25th May – 30th May 2020)

Monday 7-9pm
Monday 7-9pmLa Dante is running preparation courses to succeed in passing the four tests of the Plida exam . These tests are: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Content of the course:
Understand short stories with the use of the past tense, describe activities of interest, talk about events in the past and present, talk and write about experiences and future plans, express personal opinions, advice and give instructions, write facts and tell stories expressing feelings.

10am – 12noon


During the term, you will learn how to introduce yourself, your friends and your family. You will be confident in ordering an Italian cappuccino and pick your favourite pizza in the best restaurant in Naples while talking about your free time and your busy life (present tense). You will be able to understand advertisements, short texts and basic conversations. And once you learn about Italian pronunciation, you are ready to get in touch with Italians!


For students who have studied for at least three months.

You will learn how to book a room in a cosy agriturismo in Tuscany and how to give and ask for directions not to get lost in Venice. You will be able to describe your house and your city and also the places you would like to visit, write lovely postcards from the romantic Verona and tell your friends how you have spent your holiday in Sicily (past tense). You will also explore some Italian cuisine and learn about food habits, Italian festivities and Mediterranean secrets!

Italian book club meetings 2019La Dante in Cambridge
On selected Fridays: 7-8.30 pm (booking in advance required)

For further information please contact us:
It includes ten short stories selected by our teacher Nicoló from masters of Italian Literaure. The group will meet to discuss the scheduled book, its influences, cultural impacts, and whatever comes up.

For students who have studied for at least 6 months.

You will be confident having conversation about your daily life using present and past tenses. You will also learn how to write short texts such as letters and messages to your friends and how to give advice (imperative) and make plans with them about the future (simple future). In other words, you will learn how to be an indipendent user of spoken and written Italian, so that your trips to Italy will become easier than ever, through lots of activities related to different cultural topic.

7-9 pm


For students who have studied for at least 1 year.

You will be confident talking about your daily life, describing people you know and famous personalities. You will learn how to give advice (imperative with pronouns) and make wishes (conditional) about shopping, food, holiday and more. You will become a master in arranging your timetable in Italy and you will be able to invite your Italian friends for a trip or for dinner and talk for hours about your past experiences (past tenses) and your future plans (future tenses and conditional). You will be ready to go on a journey across Italy feeling confident about your Italian when asking for information or writing your travel journal.

For students who have studied for at least 18 months, can use the past tense and talk about general topics with a certain degree of confidence.

You will get ready to talk about your experiences (past tenses), face unexpected situations, express your opinion, your doubts and your concerns (subjunctive). You will learn how to make wishes and talk about your future projects… or regrets! (if clauses). A focus on Italian for travelling and work will make you feel more confident even in formal situations and phone conversations will not be a problem anymore. You will also be able to read and tell short stories and share with your friends your opinion about Italian books, films or facts.

This is your chance to become fluent in Italian: joining our inspiring conversation sessions you will achieve a higher level in Italian while sharing your opinions and views about Italian cinema, books, traditions and major current affairs in Italy. When you go to Italy, you will definitely feel at home.

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