Frequently Asked Questions

If I ask to join a course by email, does it mean I am officially enrolled?

Filling in the interest form or writing via email only indicates that you are interested in the programme> There is no commitment until you fill in the enrolment form and pay for the course.

When will I receive details of my stay in Cambridge?

We will notify you of the receipt of your online payment within a week, and within two weeks we’ll send you details of the family you will be staying with. This will be as close to La Dante as possible.
Your room will be in shared accommodation with another student of the same sex, and the family will provide breakfast and dinner for the duration of your stay.

When is the deadline for the enrolment and payment?

For the January course the deadline is November 16th 2015.
For the April course February 16th 2016.
For the July course May 16th 2016.

What aspects of my stay do I need to organize for myself?

You will need to get yourself to Cambridge from the airport. There are convenient trains and buses direct from Stansted Airport, which get to Cambridge in 40 minutes. Similar transport is available from other London airports.

What is included in the package?

• The Business English course and all materials.
• Shared accommodation with a host family close to the school, breakfast and dinners for the entire stay.
• Wi-Fi, workshops at main Universities, meetings with entrepreneurs, participation in Enterprise Tuesdays at the University of Cambridge, sessions with experts, talks and seminars.
• Fee for the Skills Agency, interview preparation for the internship.

What is not included in the package?

  • Lunch
  • Transport
  • Travel to job interviews
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the enrolment form or online package.
  • Trips in and outside Cambridge.
  • Social activities.
  • Flights and insurance.

What type of businesses will I be in contact with?

La Dante International has partnerships with UKTI (UK Trade and Industry), Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the University of Cambridge, Department of Italian, Media and a special collaboration through Radio Dante with

You may well be in contact with company directors, entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers, accountants and media representatives from the UK and Italian business communities during the course and the workshops activities we’ll be organising.

Internship offer

This depends on the candidates and their level of English, presentation, attitude and ability to convince the company they are the most suitable for the work experience applied for. Bear in mind there will be other candidates applying for the same position as you.
La Dante International will help prepare you for the interview process with the Skills Agency and will work for two months prior to your arrival to get interviews and offers of internships for each candidate.

How long does it usually take between the course and the beginning of the internship?

As soon as a candidate pays for the course and internship, La Dante International will work with the Skills Agency to find a suitable company in Cambridgeshire who is interested in interviewing him or her.
The start date and duration of the internships after a successful interview will depend on the availability of both the candidate and the company involved.

Interview for companies in your area of interest

La Dante International will work with the Skills Agency to find a UK company in your area of interest as soon as we receive your payment and enrolment form.

Based on your degree and your level of English, we will work with the Skills Agency to research suitable companies and set up interviews prior to and during the course in Cambridge. Be prepared to have more than an interview with the Skills Agency and with various companies.

Internship offers will come directly from the company after the interview. Be prepared to start straight away if you are available or negotiate a time for the start of the internship that is suitable to you. Companies are flexible in this regard. We will ensure that you have an internship offer and will be preparing you for this during the course.

Can I return home between the course and the internship?

It depends on your availability and the company needs. You can indicate whether you can start the internship straight away after the course or whether you wish to go back home and negotiate a different start period.

What type of internship will I be doing?

At the initial interview, we’ll be asking each candidate what degree they have and what type of internship they wish to do in the UK. We aim to match a law graduate with a company dealing in legal or insurance areas, someone with a bio-medical degree in a bio-medical company and so on. La Dante International and the Skills Agency will do our best to match the background of each candidate with the type of business he/she wants to work in. We can choose from 500 companies in Cambridgeshire.

You need to be prepared to travel to interviews and to work in a company based anywhere in Cambridgeshire.

Internship period

Most companies prefer candidates who will stay for at least six to twelve months, as they will be investing valuable training time and expertise.

Paid or unpaid internship

Most internships are on a voluntary basis, except in legal firms who offer a contribution. This varies from company to company and what type of status the candidate has within the company. You need to indicate the type of internship you wish to have, if you choose only paid internships, this limits what we can offer in Cambridgeshire.


We recommend each candidate to apply for the Erasmus + for studying abroad, or apply to banks like Montepaschi di Siena who have scholarships for studying abroad. Your own Italian region may have funds for talented students who want to gain work experience abroad as long as they come back and use their experience in that region. Regione Lazio, Regione Puglia and Trentino Alto Adige all have such schemes.

Alternatively some of our interns in the past have funded their stay with weekend jobs in Cambridge to enable them to cover food and accommodation.