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Why study English at La Dante?

PCTO and Work Experience in Cambridge


La Dante in Cambridge received the SME Elite Award in 2023 and was nominated finalist in 2021 by the SME Business Cambridge Awards for Business Chameleon and Lockdown Leader. Choose the highest quality when it comes to English Education in Cambridge for your PCTO and Work Experience projects.

We offer a unique opportunity to students aged 16+ to do PCTO work experience in Cambridge in marketing and administration, tourism and human resources.  Students gain their experience with a mix of project work, tuition and company visits in Cambridge in the following sectors:

Work Sectors and Project WorkDescription
MarketingSocial media
Research on social media channels for businesses
Project work – plan social media strategy
Events managementEvent planning
Students analyse careers in the events’ sector
Project work – presentation on running a conference
Exporting goods post BrexitUnderstand supply chain management and logistics
Students look at careers in the supply chain sector
Project work – how import and export works
Legal servicesStudents look at careers in law, banking finance and accounting
Project work – how civil courts work in Cambridge
Public SectorEnvironment / Police / Fire
Students look at careers in the public sector
Project work – on services in Cambridge
CharityInternational aid and charity organisations
Students look at careers in the charity sector
Project work – looking at the work of Save the Children and Wintercomfort.

Thanks to our partnership with an award-winning agency, we give students the opportunity to gain the required skills for employability and experience first hand during company visits.

We have been working with Italian, Spanish and French secondary schools since 2010 achieving the highest quality with excellent students’ exam results.

Partnership with a 2014 European and Overall World winners of Global Best Awards in the category of ‘Youth Employability Skills’ 


English Summer School for Teenagers


From 2nd to 13th July 2024

From 16th July to 27th July 2024


  • English tuition at La Dante in Cambridge in the morning, 2 hours of lesson per day with British CELTA qualified teachers. Our programme based on a communicative approach gives each student a unique opportunity to study English in small classes and to enjoy projects based on British culture.
  • Tennis coaching in the afternoon, 4 hours of lesson per week with tennis coaches from the Cambridge Tennis Academy. Experiencing a naturally spoken English as well as form friendships among British teenagers is an excellent way to enhance your son and daughter’s listening and speaking skills.
  • 2 sessions of Football training and matches with a team in Cambridge
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Why choose La Dante in Cambridge?

Our international students make fast progress with our stimulating, interactive study programmes using a variety of activities and modern technology. At La Dante students:

  • mix with English and international students
  • enjoy language tandem
  • build up their confidence in understanding and speaking English
  • interview English people in town, listen to podcasts, join sports activities
  • study for General English and exams at all levels
  • live with friendly English host families

La Dante in Cambridge is a recognised Trinity College Examination Centre as well as a Cambridge Preparation Centre.


CONTACT US: english@ladante-in-cambridge.org

What the people are saying about our English courses at La Dante in Cambridge

“The lessons were fun and enjoyable as the teacher was very funny! Lovely students in the class. I learned a lot while at the school and it was fun playing Rounders with other English teenagers.”

Lucrezia Ferrari

“Great achievements in 5 weeks’ tuition and full immersion at La Dante for my daughter. La Dante gave her a wonderful opportunity to meet English teenagers and they are still in touch via Facebook, she came back with a wonderful accent.”

Prof. I. TalottaBologna

Our bright secondary school students, the best who were awarded the IGCSE Cambridge programme had a great experience in Cambridge at La Dante. They worked hard and benefitted from the excellent teachers who run the courses. The activities were good fun with a trip to London and one in Ely. Warmly recommended.

Matteo Peraino, Secondary school in Trapani

IGCSE students from a prestigious Secondary School in Trapani, Sicily

Alessandro: “This experience is a big opportunity because I thing that studying in Cambridge, in England is a big opportunity to improve my skills and my language.  I really like La Dante teachers, (Michael B and Michael J…… we talked about current affairs, and my English is improving a lot. The best thing is that we always speak in English.  In Trapani you study English but here it is a different type of study, much more effective, of course”

Aurelia: “I am enjoying this experience. I have improved my pronunciation as well as my understanding. I feel more confident. The thing I like the most is that I am learning about English culture and traditions. Also the family who hosts me helps me in this because they often talk to me, so I feel more confident when I speak in English.

Martina: Professors are really good, they’re nice and gentle and we are practicing writing, speaking, listening and learning a lot of words.

Ruben: The teachers are so well prepared, my objective is improving my English skills, and I can feel more comfortable in communicating.  I also love being with my friends and at the same time learning new things. Cambridge is a very nice city, and the people, who live here, such as my house family, are lovely and hospital.

Martina II:  This is my first time in England with the school and my classmates. I think that it is something that everyone has to do because we can do so many new experiences, we can learn so many things about the language, culture and tradition in England. Cambridge is a beautiful city. The best thing of this city is the place itself. I loved the punting tour on the river Cam.

Giuseppe: I am really enjoying this experience at la Dante in Cambridge because the teachers are so good and the atmosphere is very nice. We are lucky because we can practice a lot with high-qualified teachers.  The things I like the most are the lessons themselves because they are perfect.

Alberto:  La Dante is a happy place, and Cambridge is a really nice city. I am so enjoying this experience. It is very effective because you are in a city where people do not talk your language and so you have to push yourself. I am always with English people. The things I like the most is being with my friends and seeing Cambridge, its parks, cinemas, and colleges. Living with British family is so cool. I am enjoying this because you only talk English with them.

Serena: …On a typical day, in the morning we go on trips, we visit the city with a guide or the teachers, and on the afternoon we have the lessons on Geography, Maths and English teacher.

I really like La Dante teachers, they are very kind and they make us feel at home.

IGCSE Secondary school students from Trapani