English Courses for Children

English for Children

Why La Dante in Cambridge is the best place, for your child, to learn English?

English Summer Camp

5 to 11 years old

8th – 19th July  2024

(La Dante will be closed from the 14th of August to the 31st August and will reopen on the 1st September)

between 5 and 11 years old

  • English tuition at La Dante in the morning, 3 hours of lesson per day, 15 hours per week, with British CELTA qualified teachers with many years of experience. The English tuition includes workshops based on linguistic activities and communication with role-play activities, audio-visual material, whiteboards, songs, games and English rhymes.
  • After school club with British children in a local school in the afternoon2.5 hours or 4 hours of daytime recreational activities with British children and leaders every day. Wide choice of sports, arts & crafts.

Cambridge English Summer Programme at La Dante in Cambridge is in its 14th year in 2024 and it has been a real hit since it began in 2010. The programme offers English classes in the morning and a full immersion with British children in the afternoon at a local British school.

During their stay at the After School Club, the children will enjoy a range of activities, some of which take place in school such as ball games, sports, creative arts and board games.


English classes inspired by Trinity Stars at La Dante in Cambridge
will be held for 2.5 hours, 5 days a week for two weeks. This is a new English learning programme for children which is inspired by ‘Trinity starts: Young performers’ encouraging the teaching of language through songs, poems, short plays, stories and/or musical work. This is not only a fun way to learn, but also a fast and encouraging way to enhance language learning amongst kids.

Book well in advance as this programme is very popular!
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English Courses for Children

In person or online English Courses for Children in Cambridge


5 reasons why learning at La Dante is fun and educational for children
they learn:

  • short stories from BBC channels
  • songs from real live English online lessons with qualified Cambridge teachers
  • to play games with the British Council app
  • learn a really wonderful Cambridge English accent from an early age
  • to communicate fast with their families and friends, more than just words and flash cards
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5 reasons why joining La Dante and our fun FB and Istagram help you being in the loop for learning, you find out more about:

5 reasons why games are so good for learning a language with our Cambridge live English classes?

  • Kahoot offers lots of fun games which improve vocabulary and visual grammar exercises
  • students are much more engaged when reviewing grammar if the experience is fun and gamified.
  • children can jumble words and put them together in the right order
  • they create true/false scenarios
  • learn about language culture and facts while playing

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What the people saying about our English classes

‘The mix of online, face to face lessons for Hiromu have been enjoyable. The teachers are excellent and he especially enjoyed the playscheme experience in April with other British children in an English primary school in Cambridge. Warmly recommended.’

Mrs Kato, Japan

“Sakiko and Shoichiro enjoyed their English class very much, fun based English, nice friends and their teacher was very kind to them. Thank you very much!”

Atsuko Todoroki

“Teaching was excellent and suited the needs of my 8 year old daughter. Interaction between adult and child was harmonious and excellent. Interesting day-to-day activities. The teacher valued the participation of each of us. The atmosphere was joyful. Warmly recommended”.

Dr M. Iezzi

“A fun and natural way to learn a new language, great rhythm in the class. I liked the skills the teacher had in facilitating our learning and understanding the difficulties of each student. Excellent teacher”.

Ietta Catalano

“Let me start by saying what a wonderful time Javier and Claudia had at La Dante in Cambridge! Thank you so much for making possible this wonderful experience for my children! We’ve loved it!”

Javier Villamayor

Maria loves her English classes. Maria has told us that Rebecca is a charming and very affectionate teacher. We thank you very much for choosing her for Maria’s classes.

Prof Carmen Crespo Mora, Madrid University