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Professional and stimulating English courses at La Dante in Cambridge

Our business courses are ideal for busy professionals who want to focus on specific topic areas related to their profession. Our trained English teachers will help you maximise your business communication in English.

La Dante specialised teachers offer a course based on English for Law which gives you the confidence to:

  • understand the philosophy of doing business in English-speaking countries
  • build up sector-specific vocabulary related to your business
  • use case studies to focus on intercultural topics and real business scenarios
  • choose from tailored individual tuition or lessons in a small group

Find out more information on how to do business in the UK and understand the opportunities and the risks. Ask the experts in our team who will help you achieve the best.
Our team specialises in English for lawyers.

Strong business partnerships have been created with the UKTICambridgeshire Chamber of CommerceItalian Chamber of Commerce, Science Park Cambridge, and St John’s Innovation Centre

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Business English for lawyers at La Dante in Cambridge

A course aimed at young law graduates as well as experienced lawyers wanting to achieve a more profound knowledge of English law.

Improve your legal English

This is an ideal course for students who have an intermediate level of English. A law graduate qualified teacher will be covering aspects of Contract Law, Company Law, Real Property, Employment Law and Family Law. The teacher will employ a practical approach to help lawyers support their foreign clients. There will be practical lessons based on case studies, listening to dialogues between clients and lawyers, articles including letters to clients, role-play and problem solving.

English for law at intermediate level

One week -time to be agreed

  • 9.30-12.30 Monday to Thursday
2 hours of General English and 1 hour of specialised English for lawyers
  • English level required: B1
  • Tutor: Rebecca Caute (Law degree and CELTA qualified English teacher)
  • Duration: 12 hours, one week course
  • Starting: 5th – 12th July (including a weekend in London)
  • Location: La Dante in Cambridge, European Cultural Centre
  • Afternoon cultural activities: see below
  • Business Networking opportunities:
    • on Thursday – visit a court of law in Cambridge to attend a live court case (one morning),
    • Saturday networking soirée meeting Italian and English lawyers in London in collaboration with a local bilingual solicitor
    • Single room accommodation: Monday to Thursday at Murray Edwards College experiencing a College student life with one formal dinner in the College.
    • Weekend in London:
    • Friday morning travel to London by train, arrive at a b&b with breakfast included
    • Saturday: visit Westminster, special walk to Covent Garden and The West End Tour, shopping time. Soirée with bilingual London-based lawyers.
    • Sunday – leave




Drafting commercial contracts, listening material: contract drafting

Sentence structure in contracts; commonly used verbs



Business entities: types and requirements. Listening: setting up a company

Reading and vocabulary practice



Civil partnerships, children, mixed marriages



Commercial leases; listening material: conference call between lawyer and client

Real estate terminology

Purchasing property; title insurance; subletting 

Advising clients in relation to real estate problems



International labour law and employment law, questions from employer and lawyer’s answers

Use of employment law terminology; synonyms

Mediation; resolving employment disputes

Listening and writing practice

What you will gain from studying with us in Cambridge

  • First-hand experience of a court hearing
  • An insight into civil partnerships in the UK
  • An understanding of how to deal with clients in different legal situations

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