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Why study English at La Dante?

Terms Calendar

14th June to 8th July, Tues and Weds 10-12 or evenings Weds – Thurs 6-8pm

2-weeks Intensive English Courses: 12th – 22nd July
Monday to Friday, 10-12noon or 6-8pm

AUTUMN TERM 2022 (12-week course) 

6th September 2021 to 27th October 2022
mornings Tues – Weds 10-12
or evenings Weds – Thurs 6-8pm

WINTER TERM 2023 (12-week English course)

10th January – 31st March 2023, mornings Tues -Weds 20-12noon, evenings Weds – Thurs 6-8pm

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Beginners English for adults

Learn English with our interactive online classes

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Ideal for students, professionals who learn with the best English trained Cambridge teachers. La Dante in Cambridge offers:

  • great online material to keep practising your English
  • help with succeeding in your exam preparation
  • build up your communication in English at high level
  • focus on business English vocabulary, style and presentations
  • focus on real-life activities through drama and situational learning
  • learning beyond the classroom using modern technology
  • rapid progress with expertise in overcoming learners’ native language interference
Test your English:
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Intermediate to Advanced English for Adults


Whether you wish to join our small classes or have individual tuition, we’ll ensure

  • a placement test to determine the right course level
  • the teacher will advise you and prepare a course plan to cater for your individual objectives
  • lessons with a highly experienced CELTA qualified native teacher of La Dante
  • regular homework
  • the use of our new platform PLATEO, recorded lessons, facility to make friends with our students
  • flexibility of studying at La Dante in Cambridge, at your premises or online
  • preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, Trinity ISE and Cambridge English language certifications, B2 Vantage Cambridge exam
  • Listen to our Radio Dante podcasts and forthcoming Dante Ryze App

Gain confidence – accuracy and fluency – online and face to face experience – English used in real situations with native qualified teachers from Cambridge

Learning English at Intermediate to Advanced level at La Dante helps learners who wish to improve their English for work or study purposes. Surrounded by other students at the same level as you, this course gives you the opportunity to build up case studies for your area of work or prepare for your exam. Our native qualified British teachers will include your objectives in the course planning. We provide course materials and weekly plans tailored to suit the needs of a beginner’s student, which means you can study at an appropriate pace with clear aims and achievable targets in mind.

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*Please, note that we need at least four students to apply this offer.


Entry level: at least two years of English
Test your English with this online test: https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/content

Learning outcomes:

  • interact fluently and construct more complex sentences
  • write articles, listen to videos’ for comprehension and discussion
  • consolidate your knowledge of advanced grammar (ex. subjunctive, reported speech, etc.) and vocabulary;
  • improve your knowledge of British work ethics and society
  • exam preparation for University entries or professional exams like Vantage B2 from Cambridge

Teaching method:

  • combination of lessons based on communicative approach with active learning (class discussions, group work) and practice exercises to improve the four basic language skills
  • case studies within your area of study of work to develop specific vocabulary, develop writing skills and style
  • small class sizes which facilitate learners’ progress
  • native British CELTA qualified teachers
  • pre- and post- course tests to evaluate students’ improvement

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Academic English, Pre-Masters and IELTS courses

IELTS courses at La Dante in Cambridge:

La Dante IELTS exam courses are designed to help you to achieve success in this internationally recognised qualification. When you enrol in one of our IELTS courses, you get free access to our online study zone which includes activities and past exam papers. Your teacher will guide your study and assess your progress.

  • Combined General and Academic English courses to prepare for study at a British university
  • Suitable for undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Courses from 4 to 36 weeks and short Intensive courses for IELTS
  • Value afternoon classes – the same quality at lower prices
  • Free university placement service
  • Progress meetings with your teacher

General and Academic English

This course combines General English with Academic English, including reading and writing skills for academic study, summarising lectures, note-taking skills, debating techniques, carrying out research and presenting data. The course can include a 4 or 8 week IELTS preparation module for those on longer courses.

Pre-Masters Programme

The course combines General English with Academic English with a One-to-One tutorial programme with one lesson of 50 minutes every week. This consists of a task-based programme of research work and assignments in the students’ chosen subject, with feedback and help from your tutor. Students prepare for IELTS towards the end of their course

Extra Academic English
This 4 or 8 week module enables you to gain the language skills needed for academic study, including summarising lectures, note taking skills, debating techniques, carrying out research and presenting data.

One-to-One Tuition
Add two or more One-to-One lessons at reduced prices for completely personalised learning.

IELTS Preparation

Prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, or choose one of the Cambridge English exams with a course designed to develop all your English skills and improve your exam technique. IELTS is recognised by thousands of institutions in over 135 countries and can help you improve your job prospects or gain entrance to university. The Cambridge exams are accepted by schools, universities and employers worldwide. As you prepare for these exams, you’ll also develop your language knowledge through fascinating topics and cultural activities.

You will study in a general English group for three hours per day, developing your understanding and ability to use English by participating in topic-based General English morning classes. With our experienced, friendly qualified teachers and our dynamic classes, you will expand your academic speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. We will also help you to begin to prepare for TOEFL, PTE or IELTS tests, by looking at exam questions and strategies and trying timed practice tests. As a pre-foundation student, you will also benefit from our guided learning at home programme and in small classes, individual tutorials and our excellent modern facilities.

This concentrated course provides thorough preparation for the examination: essay writing, fluent and accurate speaking, describing and interpreting graphs and charts and practice in the receptive skills of reading and listening. You can register for the examination at the school. Examinations are scheduled for the Saturday after the end of the course but places are subject to availability. We will assist you to make alternative arrangements if necessary.

General and Academic English (22)Max Class Size: 8
Course Length: 10 weeks per term (one week off at half-term)
Levels: Intermediate and above
Starting Date: second Monday in September, January and April
Pre-Masters programme (23)Max Class Size: 12
Lessons Per Week: 25
Course Length: 4-36
Levels: Intermediate and above
Starting Date: Beginning of each month on Monday
Timetable: 9.00-12.00 (General English) and 13.10-15.00 (Academic English) Monday to Friday, and One-to-One tutorial programme. As for Course 24 for the IELTS Preparation module.
Intensive IELTS Preparation with Extra Academic English (24)Max Class Size: 12
Lessons Per Week: 25
Course Length: 4/8
Levels: Intermediate to achieve IELTS 4.5-5.
Upper intermediate to achieve IELTS 5.5 and over.
Course Length and Starting Date: 8 week course or 4 week course.
Timetable: 9.00-13.00 (IELTS Preparation)
14.00-14.50 (Extra Academic English) Monday to Friday
IELTS Preparation – morning (25)Max Class Size: 12
Lessons Per Week: 20
Course Length: 4/8
Levels: Intermediate to achieve IELTS 4.5-5. Upper intermediate to achieve IELTS 5.5 and over.
Course Length and Starting Date: 8 week course or 4 week course.
Timetable: 9.00-13.00 Monday to Friday
Value IELTS Preparation with Extra Academic English (26)Max Class Size: 12
Lessons Per Week: 20
Course Length: 4/8
Levels: Intermediate to achieve IELTS 4.5-5
Upper intermediate to achieve IELTS 5.5 and over.
Course Length and Starting Date: 8 week course or 4 week course.
Timetable: 14.00-14.50 (Extra Academic English) 15.00-18.00 (IELTS Preparation), Monday to Friday.
Study & Career Programme

Study & Career Programme in Cambridge with an internship programme in the UK

Why choose Cambridge for your Study & Career Programme?

      • The University of Cambridge ranks at 3rd in the world and is firmly established among the world’s most elite institutions.
      • The Cambridge brand is extremely strong, and Cambridge are among one of the world’s highest rated institutions both within the academic community and by graduate employers
      • Ranked 2nd in the world by both academics and employers
      • Internships programme can be in Cambridge or we can offer Virtual internships
      • La Dante in Cambridge offers, each selected candidate, the preparation for interviews in UK companies Selected candidates will be offered an internship in UK companies for a period of at least six months These opportunities will be given in your area of interest or study within Cambridgeshire
        Please let us know if you wish to find out more.

Cambridge Business Network

We teamed up with a European award winning Skills Agency to give you the opportunity to start an internship straight after the course in the UK.

    • We are proud to be part of Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, UK Trade and Industry, Cambridge Network, St John’s Innovation Centre. With these prestigious partners we have can offer internships in areas like marketing, architecture, arts, technical industries and biomedical companies in the UK.
    • Enterprise Tuesdays will give students the opportunity to meet business entrepreneurs and advisors in Cambridge during the English for Work in the UK course.

What is the English for Work in the UK course for?

The course will prepare you to start your work experience at a company in Cambridge. It will prepare you for job interviews, study skills and the know how for a post-internship job. You will be prepared to:

  • enter the UK marketplace with video interview preparation, market research in your area
  • understand the work ethos in UK companies, appraisals, ways to develop projects
  • funding opportunities in UK, meeting entrepreneurs at Cambridge University
  • explore management styles in the UK and Europe
    The course consists of lecturing and a task based programme of research work and assignments that students will develop as part of the course.
    Tutors are business experts with years of developing their own business in the UK and abroad, one is a member of the UKTI (UK Trade and Industry) a government body who helps companies succeed in exporting abroad, Social media and marketing experts, UK law, industry experts.Please let us know if you wish to find out more.

Guaranteed Internship offer

Students who participate in the English for Work in the UK course in Cambridge, will get the opportunity to be prepared for a series of interviews in UK companies who are partners in our project and have a number of positions available to offer. The internship period varies from a period of three months to a year in the following industries:

  • art galleries and architecture
  • marketing and social media
  • technical industries
  • law firms
  • biomedical companies
    Thanks to our connections with the Business community and Cambridge University students will be involved in seminars and networking evenings during term time. These will get you involved with entrepreneurs, business development experts, connections with business angels and advisors from the Judge Management Institute. Funding: Students can access funds from Erasmus Plus, European and Italian banks, Italian regions to help funding this course.

3 Modules

Job-hunting (module 1, 10 hours)
Business Goals and Business development (module 2, 10 hours)
Business Advantage (module 3, 10 hours)
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS is October 7th, 2020, 2021, 2022
January, April, July

Max Class Size10
Hours per Week15 (10 for each module)
Course Length2 weeks
LevelsIntermediate B1 and above
Starting Dateplease enquire 
Timetable9.30-12.30 Monday to Friday
Flight and insuranceNot included
Cost of Study & Career programme including accommodation in Cambridge£1500 for the course and a shared room in a family with breakfast and dinner inclusive for two weeks.

Testimonials from our students who learn English at La Dante in Cambridge

“The British Council is hugely grateful to you and your colleagues for your commitment to sharing and fostering a greater understanding of the language and culture of Italy. We share this commitment to the enriching and creative dimensions of excellence in the teaching and learning of languages and we are very keen to further promote the fantastic opportunity to schools to have a native speaker of Italian in their classrooms.”

Certificate of achievement awarded to La Dante in CambridgeJohn Rolfe, British Council, 14/02/2012

‘Brilliant English teachers and great atmosphere in a small class’

C. TalottaItaly

’The teaching was great for building up communication and we talked a lot about life in England’

A. M. CirilloItaly

Excellent patient and motivating teacher.

Always available, also from the point of view of time flexibility

G. Verreschi

Well prepared for language learning teaching and methodology

R. Grimaldi

Can adapt every single lesson to the level and students’ needs

S. Ferrari

Great for beginners, especially those who tried to learn using other methods, we benefited from learning and understanding the language with Alexis

F. Vergani

He immediately managed to understand the needs of our company, the activities and the purposes, and then adapt them so that the lessons were also useful in terms of business.

F. Verganifrom a company based in the North of Italy
Leon C. on Business Vantage Exam preparation at La Dante‘ : ‘I received a great feedback from my Manager. I was in a meeting with a regional manager the other day who said that my ‘English had improved a lot
Leon C.

Hiromu is more motivated to study thanks to his wonderful teachers

Mrs Kato, Tokyo, Japan

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