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Why study a new language now is a good idea   My experience abroad began a few years ago. From Naples (Italy) I moved to the Uk.  In 2013, I spent about a year in London and then, many years in Cambridge. Despite the difficulties…

Natale ai tempi del Covid-19 con i messaggi online a Santa Claus

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Il Natale è una delle feste più sentite dell’anno. Durante questa ricorrenza, le città si riempiono di luci che illuminano le vie del centro e in molte zone sono allestiti mercatini, dove è possibile degustare cibi tipici e acquistare…

Discover Radio Dante!

RADIO DANTE HISTORY Radio  Dante started to be broadcast on  3rd  March  2012,  founded by  Director  Dr. Giulia Portuese-Williams of the European Cultural Centre La Dante in Cambridge. The main objective of La Dante is the dissemination…

7 Reasons to Learn a New Language

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WHY STUDY ANOTHER LANGUAGE? AND WHY STUDY ITALIAN OR SPANISH?   1. Connect! One of the most rewarding aspects of the human experience is our ability to connect with others.  Being able to communicate with someone in his or her language…

Aprendizajes y celebraciones en una cuarentena

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Entrevista a Claudia España ha sido uno de los países más afectados por el Coronavirus a nivel mundial. De marzo a junio, la totalidad del país se vio sumido en una estricta cuarentena de 3 meses y 15 días, lo que constituyó un hito…

In tutto il mondo si avviano le celebrazioni per i 700 anni dalla morte di Dante Alighieri

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Tra pochi mesi entreremo nell’anno in cui ricorrono i settecento anni dalla morte di Dante Alighieri, avvenuta nel 1321. Agli inizi di settembre si sono aperte le celebrazioni nazionali di questo importante Settecentesimo anniversario, alla…

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5 Reasons for Studying Languages Online (vs. Face-to-Face Classroom)

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Shall I study languages online or shall I wait for my face-to-face classes later on? Starting on Zoom or Skype online is easier than you think and at La Dante our team will be helping you to set it up if you are not tech-savvy. Take advantage of lockdown time and improve your skills and those of your family. Take this opportunity to learn online together for your next holiday or visit family abroad.

The benefits of learning a new language and playing tennis


In Cambridge the special partnership between the sport organisation Cambridge Tennis Academy and the European language school La Dante in Cambridge Whatever your age, the health benefits of playing sports and learning a foreign language dramatically improves your quality of life and slows any age-related cognitive decline. This is an established fact and is what inspired […]

Advantages of learning English via Skype – Great for professionals


English is the most common language spoken in business. It is the main language of the Internet, conference call meetings and Skype calls … and many technical manuals are written in English too.