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5 Reasons for Studying Languages Online (vs. Face-to-Face Classroom)

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Shall I study languages online or shall I wait for my face-to-face classes later on? Starting on Zoom or Skype online is easier than you think and at La Dante our team will be helping you to set it up if you are not tech-savvy. Take advantage of lockdown time and improve your skills and those of your family. Take this opportunity to learn online together for your next holiday or visit family abroad.


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"This is my first time in England with the school and my classmates. I think that it is something that everyone has to do because we can do so many new experiences, we can learn so many things about the language, culture, and tradition in England".

The benefits of learning a new language and playing tennis

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In Cambridge the special partnership between the sport organisation Cambridge Tennis Academy and the European language school La Dante in Cambridge Whatever your age, the health benefits of playing sports and learning a foreign language dramatically…