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Thinking in a Foreign Language: How to Do It and Why

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Thinking in a foreign language is an important step in the long road that is fluency in a foreign language, but it’s a step that, for some reason, many language learners tend to ignore. Thinking in the language you are learning is not…

La Dante in Cambridge contributes to the Erasmus Traineeship

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It's with great joy that I am sharing this piece of information with you. We just received a commendation from the Erasmus office for the contribution given to training Italian graduates from the best Italian Universities. We had a training…

Benefits of a bilingual brain

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It’s obvious that knowing more than one language can make certain things easier — like travelling or watching movies without subtitles. But are there other advantages to having a bilingual (or multilingual) brain? Mia Nacamulli details the…

Learning with creative, audio visual projects: Harry Potter theme

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When a child is immersed into learning a new language with creative, audio visual projects, not only they develop their language skills but that increases their capacity in story telling, make believe, acting and reciting. We did an interesting…

4 Reasons why learning a new language requires full immersion

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If you are anything like me and the millions of students who've gone through the American public school system, learning a foreign language is nothing short of a joke. Despite our education system's best intentions, classroom learning is an…

Supporting the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Thorpe Hall Hospice

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La Dante is proud to support BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, who are organising an auction to raise money for the county’s hospice Thorpe Hall. The hospice has been BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s chosen charity partner this year, as they are raising…