Unique language tandem opportunity at La Dante

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Famiglie bilingui

tandem-opportunity-la-dante-cambridgeWe always thrive to be a bridge between Italian and English cultures and this June we have a unique and wonderful opportunity at La Dante:
A European language tandem cooking session where Italian children from a primary school in Chieti in Abruzzo (Italy) is having a cultural exchange with children from La Dante who are learning Italian.

La Dante is an oasis of culture where the two cultures: the British and the Italian meet.

Primary school children from Istituto Comprensivo Chieti, aged 9/10 are coming to learn English and with the English children coming to learn Italian we’ll have cooking sessions, sing, make fairy cakes with Italian flags and coluored marzipan. Singing and miming in English and Italian.
It’s a unique chance for them to have fun, learn and experience a new culture in the heart of Cambridge.
La Dante’s aim is to facilitate cultural exchanges in Britain.

Dates 18/6/2013 venue: La Dante in Cambridge 4.30-6.30pm

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