Pinocchio alla Dante: Cambridge Italian Bilingual Group

La Dante supports the learning of Italian for bilingual children living in Cambridge. We would like to give our children a new opportunity starting a new Pinocchio: Cambridge Italian Bilingual Group

which will consolidate their Italian and their understanding of our culture through a programme based on Italian literature, history, geography and Italian traditions. The methodology is novel and fun to attract the children’s attention and parents will be actively involved in their educational development.  We’ll meet each Saturday for 12 weeks for a session of 3 hours and the children will have reading time and creative projects that will illustrate at the end of term. Italian through drama will be part of the projects to promote creativity and expressivity in their own language.

Bilingualism is a great gift we give our children and at La Dante there are expert Italian teachers who teach Italian grammar as well as our culture with flair and enthusiasm. Children will be inspired to get involved in workshops and will be able to achieve PLIDA qualifications with recognised diplomas up to bilingual C2 level.

La Dante is a qualified and recognised Examination Centre for PLIDA  linked with La Società‘ Dante Alighieri in Roma.

Pinocchio: Cambridge Italian Bilingual Group at La Dante for bilinguals starts in the Spring 2013.

Scholarships are also available from La Dante Alighieri Society in Rome for students who wish to reach A level standard.  

La Dante supports Cambridge Bilingual Network and Bilingual Matters.

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