Partnership with the University of Padua, Erasmus Programme

Discover another language and culture … be inspired!

Partnership with the Department of Italian, Cambridge University

We have established a great partnership with the Department of Italian at Cambridge University who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise of Italian language and culture through our bilingual programmes at Radio Dante Cambridge.

We have a range of interesting interviews among which the one talking about Pirandello with Julie Dashwood who will delight us about the great writer and playwriter on April 10th.

The Department of Italian is very active in providing the best tuition and seminars about Italian culture, we are proud to promote Professor Robin Kirkpatrick’s seminars on Dante and it’s creative projects looking at Dante through art, drama, photography and dance.

Partnership with the University of Padua, Erasmus Programme

We have started an internship programme for newly graduated Italian students who come to La Dante for a six-month training programme in marketing, administration, PR and media, and cultural events organisation. Students enjoy an Erasmus scholarship and go to training courses financed by La Dante during their volunteer period.

We also have a Study and Career Programme for English for University students who wish to acquire the best skills for entering work during or after their degree. We teach interview skills, how to write a CV and letters of presentations, work ethics in the UK, ethos and networking skills. Students also go to real networks thanks to the relationship we have with our partner organisations offering real opportunities to meet people that count in their field whether it’s research or business.

Contact us or call 01223 315191

Parkside Federation and St Mary’s Cambridge

La Dante works in partnership with Parkside Federation and St Mary’s School to make the school a centre of excellence for teaching and learning Italian, with the aim of being a model to others both in Cambridge and elsewhere.

We organise cultural events and workshops, projects for teachers and students in the school and with partners outside the school. We also co-ordinate partnership activities, such as Italian musical workshops and evening performances, cookery workshops and film screenings.

Parkside Federation

Working with our Partner School

  • We work proactively to make Italian an inspiring subject to teach and to learn, and to create an international perspective through links with Italy throughout the curriculum.
  • We support and give advice on language courses in Italy.
  • We promote and set up cross-curricular initiatives for Cambridge schools and their feeder schools
    • Hosting cultural events for a wide audience of pupils and teachers
    • Helping to further the teaching of Italian in feeder primary schools through mutual visits and shared projects
    • Giving advice on trips to Italy for pupils, teachers and heads of languages
    • Taking part in school projects in Cambridge which help to further Italian language and culture

Contact us or call 01223 315191

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