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Unique language tandem opportunity at La Dante

Famiglie bilingui We always thrive to be a bridge between Italian and English cultures and this June we have a unique and wonderful opportunity at La Dante: A European language tandem cooking session where Italian children from a primary school in Chieti in Abruzzo (Italy) is having a cultural exchange with children from La Dante […]

Partnership with the Department of Italian, Cambridge University

We have established a great partnership with the Department of Italian at Cambridge University who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise of Italian language and culture through our bilingual programmes at Radio Dante Cambridge. We have a range of interesting interviews among which the one talking about Pirandello with Julie Dashwood who will […]

Pinocchio alla Dante: Cambridge Italian Bilingual Group

La Dante supports the learning of Italian for bilingual children living in Cambridge. We would like to give our children a new opportunity starting a new Pinocchio: Cambridge Italian Bilingual Group which will consolidate their Italian and their understanding of our culture through a programme based on Italian literature, history, geography and Italian traditions. The methodology is […]