Benefits at La Dante

Discover another language and culture … be inspired!

Why study Italian or Spanish at La Dante?

Because at La Dante even the stones talk, and they tell of centuries of history and breath-taking art…

Italians and Spaniards are proud of their heritage and culture. At La Dante, we teach more than just language: students enjoy learning Italian or Spanish language and culture taught by our highly qualified teachers who infuse their lessons with their passion for all things Italian or Spanish. You’ll learn everything about the people and places that make the language what it is today. Based in the heart of the city, La Dante is your stepping stone to modern-day Italian culture.

What’s different about La Dante?

Whether you want to learn Italian or Spanish for your job or university studies, everyday life, or just personal interest, La Dante can guarantee rapid progress thanks to:

  • highly qualified teachers
  • small classes, and a high level of individual attention
  • a wide range of cultural & social events in Cambridge
  • La Dante Library

Our communicative approach gives you lots of exposure to and ways to practise the Italian language. Our courses help you to improve your spoken and written language and enhance your understanding of Italian or Spanish culture. This unique blend of learning language and culture is the key to why so many students improve so quickly and keep choosing La Dante.

At La Dante we create the perfect environment for learning: meeting friends who enjoy the culture and speaking the language at our cultural events.

La Dante in Cambridge is part of La Societá Dante Alighieri in Rome, one of the five European Cultural Associations in Europe. We prepare our students for the following exams: the official PLIDA exam (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri), for GCSE Italian and A-level Italian with great success.

We can also prepare for DELE Spanish exams with our team of trained native Spanish teachers.

We pride ourselves on offering a high level of support to all our students and give advice on study-abroad programmes.

I have enjoyed the last two terms with Paola as my teacher. I find the themed conversational style on cultural topics has improved my confidence in spoken Italian. The discussions have helped stretch my vocabulary. The underpinning with grammar is useful and is at about the right level as far as the amount of time spent on it.

Bruce Napier

I love my Italian class. They are stimulating , enjoyable and interesting. We learn at the right pace with plenty of reinforcement of basic grammar.

Caroline McKenna

Highly qualified and talented teachers at La Dante, always organized and with good ideas to help us learning Italian.

Margot Zen

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