7 secrets to learn Italian you need to know

Learn Italian secrets

When it comes to learn a new language, we can feel overwhelmed.   Will it be hard to go back to study? Will I have enough time to dedicate to it during my hectic days? Is Italian too different from my own mother tongue?

Italian is such a beautiful and poetic language linked to a culture we love or that we want to know better. So we deserve to learn it!

The true good news is that you can learn it at any age, and it is easy.      

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I guess this explains why over 230 million people in the world study Italian. The right program will make you learn this splendid language if you want it. Here I will tell about 7 simple tips you can follow to make it faster than what you think.


What is the best way of learning Italian?


  1. Of course the best way to learn a new language is being immersed as much as possible in the language to start with. This means to expose yourself to the foreign vocabulary even before we’re aware of the meaning of each word. So, following lessons or having conversations with native speakers will help.

  1. Be consistent. Becoming fluent in it will need some patience and perseverance. So write down your favourite sentences or words, and practice them every day. One each day. To easy remember some vocabulary, you can help yourself. How? For example using some sticky-notes to attach to household appliances. So, on the washing machine you will stick “lavatrice”; on the dishwasher, “lavastoviglie”; on the fridge the word “frigorifero”, and so on…

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  1. Watch videos, and turn on the Italian subtitles. The most useful platforms and websites are Youtube, Netflix, and Raiplay. This is the online platform of Rai, the national public broadcaster. Unless you have a VPN, though, you can watch some of the content outside Italy (such as Un Posto al Sole for instance)


  1. Learn while playing. By that I mean: use apps. The best one is Duolingo, free and suited for every level.

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  1. Read. And also out loud. There are plenty of choices: you can read books (and easily start from those for children), comics, websites, magazines online according to your main interests (we suggest Il Confronto which is mostly about Art and Culture, and current affairs and Italian news), and blogs (this is one of my favourite ones..). I am a reader and book lover, so I could not recommend more such a pleasant activity to reach your magic goal.


  1. Listen to radio shows and podcasts in Italian. Find your favourite shows and stick with that for a while. On Radio Dante you can listen to some of my interviews I like to make while I am in Italy. You will listen to only good news and curiosities about the Italian culture and Art. As mentioned, you will also “meet” many people who are interviewed during the main shows which are in streaming on the main platforms too (from Spotify, to Alexa, to Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts etc.). Think how easy it is to do that while’ you’re busy in other activities. By that I mean: during your errands, or on your daily commute. As well as while you’re working out, or while you’re taking care of housecleaning. This exercise will also help you master the pronunciation.


  1. Visit Italy. Choose your dreamy destination (Venice? Naples? Rome? Palermo?). You can practice your Italian with local people. Asking for directions or ordering a nice plate of spaghetti with a good wine. Italians love to spend a lot of time in long chats, and the also like to know about your story. You might fall in love with some Italians, and that will be BINGO! Love brings you everywhere even to learn very fast a new language.

Italy Italian to travel

Italian, even with its fascinating complexities, is an easy language for English speakers. Its vocabulary, as a matter of fact, is quite close to many English words. Think of vocabulary such as “jogging”, “finale”, “feeling”, “diva” “shock”, “melodia”, “poeta” .

How to learn Italian fast? Check out La Dante in Cambridge, European Cultural Centre. The native professional teachers at La Dante use the Communicative Approach. This is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language based on immersive language learning. La Dante tutors offer online group and individual classes. Online and face-to-face individual tuition; as well as long-term and intensive courses.

For more information, mailto:italian@ladante-in-cambridge.org or phone/WhatsApp +447887606227.


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