Study & Career Programme in Cambridge with an internship programme in the UK

Why choose Cambridge for your Study & Career Programme?

      • The University of Cambridge ranks at 3rd in the world and is firmly established among the world’s most elite institutions.
      • The Cambridge brand is extremely strong, and Cambridge are among one of the world’s highest rated institutions both within the academic community and by graduate employers.
      • Ranked 2nd in the world by both academics and employers
      • Internships programme can be in Cambridge or we can offer Virtual internships
      • La Dante in Cambridge offers, each selected candidate, the preparation for interviews in UK companies. Selected candidates will be offered an internship in UK companies for a period of at least six months. These opportunities will be given in your area of interest or study within Cambridgeshire.

        Please let us know if you wish to find out more.

Cambridge Business Network

We teamed up with a European award winning Skills Agency to give you the opportunity to start an internship straight after the course in the UK.

    • We are proud to be part of Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, UK Trade and Industry, Cambridge Network, St John’s Innovation Centre. With these prestigious partners we have can offer internships in areas like marketing, architecture, arts, technical industries and biomedical companies in the UK.
    • Enterprise Tuesdays will give students the opportunity to meet business entrepreneurs and advisors in Cambridge during the English for Work in the UK course.

What is the English for Work in the UK course for?

The course will prepare you to start your work experience at a company in Cambridge. It will prepare you for job interviews, study skills and the know how for a post-internship job. You will be prepared to:

  • enter the UK marketplace with video interview preparation, market research in your area
  • understand the work ethos in UK companies, appraisals, ways to develop projects
  • funding opportunities in UK, meeting entrepreneurs at Cambridge University
  • explore management styles in the UK and Europe
    The course consists of lecturing and a task based programme of research work and assignments that students will develop as part of the course.
    Tutors are business experts with years of developing their own business in the UK and abroad, one is a member of the UKTI (UK Trade and Industry) a government body who helps companies succeed in exporting abroad, Social media and marketing experts, UK law, industry experts.

    Please let us know if you wish to find out more.

Guaranteed Internship offer

Students who participate in the English for Work in the UK course in Cambridge, will get the opportunity to be prepared for a series of interviews in UK companies who are partners in our project and have a number of positions available to offer. The internship period varies from a period of three months to a year in the following industries:

  • art galleries and architecture,
  • marketing and social media,
  • technical industries,
  • law firms
  • biomedical companies.
    Thanks to our connections with the Business community and Cambridge University students will be involved in seminars and networking evenings during term time. These will get you involved with entrepreneurs, business development experts, connections with business angels and advisors from the Judge Management Institute.

    Funding: Students can access funds from Erasmus Plus, European and Italian banks, Italian regions to help funding this course.

3 Modules

Job-hunting (module 1, 10 hours)
Business Goals and Business development (module 2, 10 hours)
Business Advantage (module 3, 10 hours)
January 7th 2021, April 7th 2021, July 7th 2021

Max Class Size10
Hours per Week15 (10 for each module)
Course Length2 weeks
LevelsIntermediate B1 and above
Starting DateJanuary 18th – 29th January 2016
Timetable9.30-12.30 Monday to Friday
Flight and insuranceNot included
Cost of Study & Career programme including accommodation in Cambridge£1500 for the course and a shared room in a family with breakfast and dinner inclusive for two weeks.