Spanish Intensive Courses

Intensive online Spanish courses  2020

Summer 2020:  3rd – 7th August

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Autumn 2020: Week Mon 26th Oct – Fri 1st Nov 2020 / Christmas courses 14th – 18th December 2020

Adults  Beginners course:  10 am -12 noon (Every day from Monday to Friday)    Adults Improvers course: 2 – 4 pm  (Every day from Monday to Friday)     Adults Intermediate course: 4.30pm – 6.30pm  (Every day from Monday to Friday)

Our courses are ideal if you are planning to travel to Spain and want to ask for directions, order your favourite paella or crema catalana, go shopping for fancy Spanish shoes and enjoy tapas al fresco in the main plaza!

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 Beginners: on the Monday,  Wednesday , Friday 10-12noon – Contact us!

LevelLearning outcomes

-Introduce yourself
-Express what you like and dislike
-Ask for directions
-Order special dishes in a restaurant, go shopping or find a lovely place for ‘tapas’ in town, book a train ticket, visit a museum
Improver-Shopping (asking for the price, for a specific item, size, trying something on, etc., verbs ‘costar y valer’ and other useful questions/sentences when you go shopping)
-Hotels and reservation (useful questions/sentences when you go to a hotel, formal vs. informal way)
-Gender for nouns and adjectives in Spanish
-Present tense + speaking about daily routines
-Talk about your experiences and recent past actions (past tenses)
-Talk about future actions (future tenses)
introduction to if clauses in Spanish
-Use the proper language for travelling
express your opinion in Spanish.

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