False Beginners course in Spanish

in Cambridge

Spanish False Beginners Courses; Tuesday 7-9pm, Wednesday 7-9pm or Thursday 7-9pm

SPRING TERM dates: 8th January – 23rd March 2018
(Half term break 12th – 16th February) 

Wednesday 7-9pm False Beginners for students who have studied the language for 3 months

Thursday 7-9pm Improvers 1 for students who have studied the language for 6 months

Tuesday 7-9pm Improvers 2 for students who have studied the language for 9 months

Designed for students who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of the language, as well as the cultural diversity in Spanish speaking countries.
Learning outcomes, you will learn how to:

  • book a room in a cosy agriturismo in Tuscany how to give and
    ask for directions and not to get lost in Seville
  • describe your house and your city, the places you would like to visit
  • write lovely postcards from the romantic Granada and tell your friends how you have spent your holiday in Palma de Mallorca (past tense)
  • learn Spanish recipes and food habits
  • Spanish festivities and Mediterranean secrets!

You will study in a small group with a native Spanish teacher, how to:

  • arrange a meeting; how to accept or decline an invitation
  • express your intentions; how to make plans with other people
  • talk on the phone
  • express possibility, permission and obligation
  • talk about health, human body, weather, news and feelings
  • describe past events and past habits

By the end of the course, students enjoy a variety of topics of conversation, feel more confident using Spanish. They improve their grammatical accuracy in spoken and written Spanish as well as find out more about cultural traditions.
Emphasis is on the progressive development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Upon completion, you will finally start feeling Spanish!

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