Spanish Courses

in Cambridge

Learning Spanish at La Dante in Cambridge


11th September – 15th December

Open Days

1st and 2nd September, 3 pm

8th and 9th September, 3 pm

Spanish for beginners FREE taster class on July 26th from 7-9 pm. 

New FREE Spanish taster class for beginners on July 26th from 7-9pm at La Dante! Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get to know our school and teachers and get a feel for our lessons. Our courses are starting in September so this lesson would be great for those of you who are interested in taking up Spanish in Autumn with us. Feel free to sign up at: or 01223315191

FREE taster class for Intermediate Spanish on July 27th from 7-9 pm

New Spanish Intermediate free taster class on July 27th from 7-9pm at La Dante! Come around and get a feel for our school and teaching methods. In this class you will be able to further practise your oral and listening skills with a Spanish native teacher. Do not miss out and book your place at: or 01223315191. Hope to see you all soon!

All about Spain from language tuition to films, evenings with native speakers watching a movie or dancing tango, a thorough way to learn and immerse yourself in Spanish life in the heart of Cambridge.


En marcha – Beginners

Wednesdays (10 am – 12 noon); Thursdays (7-9 pm)

Students will analyse the fundamental elements of the Spanish language, appreciate aspects of Spanish and Latin American society and culture.
You will study in a small group with a native Spanish teacher, how to:

  • introduce and describe yourself, your family and other people
  • give and ask for information
  • talk about your hobbies, interests
  • order in a restaurant, shopping

By the end of the course, students will be able to express themselves with grammatical accuracy in Spanish as well as appreciate cultural aspects. Studying in a small group provides ample opportunities to practice the language in realistic contexts, with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills.

Contact us if you wish to find out more.


Viento en popa – Upper-intermediate

Mondays (10 am – 12 noon); Wednesdays (7-9 pm)

For students who have studied for more than 2 years and can use the past and future tense with confidence. The focus is on communication.

You will study in a small group with a native Spanish teacher, how to:

  • use subjunctive
  • use conjunctions and connectors
  • report something said by others (reported speech 2)
  • use pronouns; how to use relative clauses
  • use adversative and conditional clauses
  • use aunque with indicative and subjunctive
  • enjoy listening to news on tv and radio and talk about current affairs as well as films and cultural topics

By the end of the course, students are able to communicate effectively, accurately, and creatively about the past, present and future, more complex texts and video programmes. They’ll practice with authentic material and do specific projects like comparing films or plan to move to Spain for a while.

Contact us if you wish to find out more.