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Intensive Italian Courses – Autumn Term 2017

Intensive Italian courses
1 week Intensive Courses for Beginners and Improvers

Cappuccino Intensive Italian courses
23rd-27th October 2017, Monday to Friday
Beginners: 7-9 pm or 10-12noon
Intermediate: 7-9 pm or 10-12noon
Christmas Intensive Italian courses
Monday to Friday
Beginners: 4th-8th December 2017, 4-6 pm or 10-12noon
Intermediate:11th-15th December, 4-6 pm or 10-12noon

Great courses if you are planning to go to Italy this summer and get the confidence you need when travelling around and wish to ask for directions, ask for your favourite ‘ravioli or spaghetti alla marinara’, go shopping for your favourite shoes and try out an aperitif evening in the main square.  By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • introduce yourself
  • express what you like and dislike
  • ask for directions
  • go to the restaurant, at the station, at the airport, find your favourite aperitif place in town and a lot more

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St. Valentine’s Gift 2017

1 week Intensive Course for Beginners
10 hours, 2 hours a day

only £80

This course is ideal for those who wish to try a new language or are planning to travel to Italy for a romantic St. Valentine’s weekend. By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • introduce yourself
  • talk about your interests
  • use practical expressions when travelling to Italy: how to order at a restaurant, ask for the bill, ask for directions,…
  • express what you like/dislike

Monday to Friday
13th-17th February 2017, 7-9pm



Intensive Italian course for beginners

This course is ideal for those of you who wish to try a language first, before committing to a longer course.

7 weeks
from 2nd November 2016
to 14th December 2016
Wednesday evening 7-9pm
or Tuesay 10-12noon

Special offer:

During the course you will also benefit from the membership:

  • Free conversation classes
  • Film club night
  • Cultural events


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Che buono – Intensive course on Italian food and traditions

18th-23th July 2016
From Monday to Friday 10am-12noon or 7-9pm
Hands on cooking session on Saturday 23rd July, 10am-2pm (ingredients included)
Cooking session also available for inviting friends and relatives, please enquire for extra cost.

Italy is a mosaic of rich food traditions. Discover the ancient Italian recipes and the secret of the Italian menus. Join a week of Italian cuisine and then prepare a typical Italian lunch with us.

Taste the difference!

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Ciak si gira!
Intensive Italian course based on Italian cinema

25th-29th July 2016
Monday to Friday 10am-12noon or 7-9pm

A taste of Italian comedy from the principe della risata with Toto’s cunning Neapolitan character to a more surreal Fantozzi with paradoxical and grotesque characters that speak for themselves. We’ll cover the comicity of the pastasciutta character in Americano in Roma which became a classic.
This intensive cinema course is suitable to students with a B1+ level of those who have studied Italian for at least six months.

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