Intensive Italian Courses

If you want to learn Italian rapidly then consider our intensive courses which start regularly throughout the year.

Are you going to Italy this summer? Would you like to learn some Italian first?
Master the basics of Italian for work, study or holiday!

If you enrol by 30 March is just £160!

Four week, two times a week for two hours.

BEGINNERS: 3rd – 25th June, Tuesday and Wednesday, 7 – 9 pm
INTERMEDIATE: 2nd – 26th June, Monday and Thursday, 7 – 9 pm


Intensive Italian language courses and workshops in Cambridge Every evening you have a specific teaching plan which covers all the activities that you need: speaking, listening, writing and reading in Italian. We implement a communicative approach to help you achieve your goals and we provide vocabulary-specific sessions suitable to your needs.


Short courses: Cappuccino 1&2 
Two hours per day for a week. From 7th April to 11th April.
BEGINNERS: Monday to Friday 7 – 9 pm
INTERMEDIATE: Monday to Friday 7 – 9 pm


Weekend Intensive Courses: coming soon…Cappuccino Con la cultura italiana non si scherza

Why not join our exciting Intense weekends, a full immersion in Italian at La Dante. Our courses will cover film clips, magazines reading, youtube clips and a wide range of seminar and workshops that will inspire you to get into the grips of the subject in an interesting and fun way.


Level: intermediate and higher, you will need to be able to understand and be confident with the Italian language to follow this intensive course.