Summer English Courses

for Teenagers

Summer English Courses for Teenagers


English and tennis summer camp with the Cambridge Tennis Academy
until 17th August 2018 (La Dante will be closed from 17th to 31st August).
English lessons in the morning and sports activities in the afternoon

We have a partnership with a secondary school in Cambridge where students join creative and sports activities in the summer term as well as Cambridge Tennis Academy for improving the students tennis skills. Experiencing a naturally spoken English as well as form friendships among British teenagers is excellent way to enhance your son and daughter’s listening and spoken skills.

Our programme gives each student a unique opportunity to study

          • English in a small group in the morning
          • full immersion in the afternoon with English teenagers playing tennis
          • in an English College in Cambridge

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‘great achievements in 5 weeks’ tuition and full immersion at La Dante for my daughter. La Dante gave her a wonderful opportunity to meet English teenagers and they are still in touch via Facebook, she came back with a wonderful accent.’ Prof. I. Talotta, Bologna

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Why schools choose our European Cultural Centre in Cambridge

We welcome Alternanza Scuola Lavoro, PON projects and e-twinning projects in Cambridge to help students achieve the best level of English 

Our international students make fast progress with our stimulating, interactive study programmes using a variety of activities and modern technology. At La Dante students:

    • mix with English and international students
    • enjoy Language tandems
    • play tennis at an English College in Cambridge being trained by British tennis coaches
    • build up their confidence in understanding and speaking English
    • interview English people in town, listen to podcasts, join sports activities
    • live with friendly English host families
    • study for General English and exams at all levels
    • get our booklet: Jazz up your English, especially created for our students
  • La Dante in Cambridge is an Accredited Trinity College Examination Centre as well as a Cambridge Preparation Centre 

The lessons were fun and enjoyable as the teacher was very funny! Lovely students in the class. I learned a lot while at the school and it was fun playing Rounders with other English teenagers.

Lucrezia Ferrari