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Ideal for students, professionals who learn with the best English trained Cambridge teachers. La Dante in Cambridge offers:

  • excellent online live lessons with our Cambridge teachers
  • great online material to keep practising your English
  • help with succeeding in your exam preparation
  • build up your communication in English at high level
  • focus on business English vocabulary, style and presentations
  • focus on real-life activities through drama and situational learning
  • learning beyond the classroom using modern technology
  • rapid progress with expertise in overcoming learners’ native language interference
  • expert teaching from the best qualified English native speakers

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Get the best online preparation for IELTS and Trinity exams at La Dante in Cambridge:

Our IELTS online courses are designed to prepare you for this internationally recognised qualification and help you to achieve success.

Enrol in one of our IELTS courses and you will get free access to our online study zone which includes activities and past exam papers. Your teacher will guide your study and assess your progress. Demonstrate your English skills with an internationally-recognised IELTS exam.

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*DISCLAIMER: Apologies, we are unable to offer tuition for special needs.

Situated only one hour from London, the English Study Centre provides quality English tuition in the heart of Cambridge. Enjoy staying in the home of the world’s finest University, with its magical Colleges and traditions.

‘Brilliant English teachers and great atmosphere in a small class’

C. TalottaItaly

’The teaching was great for building up communication and we talked a lot about life in England’

A. M. CirilloItaly

Excellent patient and motivating teacher.

Always available, also from the point of view of time flexibility

G. Verreschi

Well prepared for language learning teaching and methodology

R. Grimaldi

Can adapt every single lesson to the level and students’ needs

S. Ferrari

Great for beginners, especially those who tried to learn using other methods, we benefited from learning and understanding the language with Alexis

F. Vergani

He immediately managed to understand the needs of our company, the activities and the purposes, and then adapt them so that the lessons were also useful in terms of business.

F. Verganifrom a company based in the North of Italy

“The British Council is hugely grateful to you and your colleagues for your committment to sharing and fostering a greater understanding of the language and culture of Italy. We share this commitment to the enriching and creative dimensions of excellence in the teching and learning of languages and we are very keen to further promote the fantastic opportunity to schools to have a native speaker of Italian in their classrooms.”

Certificate of achievement awarded to La Dante in CambridgeJohn Rolfe, British Council, 14/02/2012
Bristish Council